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A girl who really loves Adagio and the other Dazzlings and loves to ship her OCs with them. She also loves role-playing with Consense x Adagio and the other couples she makes


Consense was a shy teenage girl walking down the street when she ran into a siren named Nissy Silly. She'll change her life for sure

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Who'd you come up with the name Nissy Silly?

Well, all my OCs are named after a certain emotion or sense. For instants, Niss was named after the since of smell and the feeling of silliness, coming as the final result of Nissy Silly

I'm a bit confused by their ages here. It says at the beginning of the chapter that the two characters are 18 and 19. But it also says this chapter is 28 years later. So shouldn't they have aged by 28 years?

At the beginning of the story, the characters were ages 14 and 13. And since they're immortal, their ages process could be slower. They might be about 223 years old in siren years, but in human years, they're probably still kids. I mean, look at The Dazzlings. They probably lived for thousands of years and in human years, they're 18 and 19 years old. This is just my opinion

9343062 :raritystarry:

That is a fantastic answer!

I agree, that makes total sense. And that's an approach surprisingly few siren stories take on this site, good job for going with it :pinkiehappy:

I would say, though, the actual words are still a bit confusing - when we talk about them being 18 and 19, that's meaning how old they are in siren years (like dog years, where one human year is seven dog years, so a dog that's 4 in human years is 28 in dog years). But I think it needs some different term in the story to separate the two - something like 'siren years,' or just calling siren years 'years' and referring to human years specifically has 'human years.' Otherwise you just get the same term meaning two different things, which I think can be confusing :twilightoops: So I'd add 'in siren years' or something after mentioning their ages, maybe.

Good answer though! :pinkiehappy:

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