• Published 21st Nov 2018
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Fun at the Beach - GhoulDash97

Having been overtaken by the stress of their royal duties, the Royal Sisters decide to put Twilight in charge of the castle while they decide to take a vacation. But they decide to bring a special guest along. Who could it be?

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A nice ending. Though sometimes I wish Spike were treated better.

Finally, the epilogue is here & it was worth it! The only thing I hate is, that Celestia & Luna didn't show up at the end to make Spike get ready for round 2, but I can't complain too much about it. This was still phenomenal & I'm glad it's finally complete. :twilightsmile:

HUZZAH!! A man with quality!

So did Marvel Studios.

His branch is weakening,his snake is tired
I need more analogies

The only thing that’s annoying with these stories is how Spike almost never gets a day in the matter. I get why but jeez!

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