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dusk is going to be stud I betting ie good looking and filly are going to all go after him, also home this dusk also get in shape by join the guard in drills and such to keep himself and other safe

A very interesting story so far. Consider me following to see how all of this turns out.

Very interesting take on Dusk Shine. Can't wait to see him meet certain mares.

Try not to break him as you seem determined to do to poor Twilight in your other story.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best

oh ok I likeing how the two are want it, and why do I feeling down the road somehow spine end up knock up in few months

How long is this story going to be? It is really good I don't want it to end.

As long as my brain can keep up with the strain and people keep liking the story. I can promise nothing else.

And for the first time ever, I'm very much wanting Rainbow to get some physical retaliation for her reckless flying.

I sure hope another member of the apple clan does not see dusk with his head between aj apple goods

I can see dash getting into trouble when dusk say something about how the princess has never told sisterhood anything about stallion being going good for fuck mare and marking foals

Hehe, me thinks that's exactly what'll happen. Either that or Rainbow will make sure it does.

Can somepony pleas put this in Dusk Shines Love Life?

Oh jeeze, I'm already having this put in a group? Thank you for the support, mate!

i do hope in the end, aj and dusk do get togeather, that one ship i do enjoy,

good chapter, I do hope dusk and spine say something about how the princess never agreed with the sisterhoove group.

I hope that Chrysalis and Dusk meet up sooner then Dusk's brother's wedding to Cadance, that would be great to see how Dusk and Chrysalis react to each other then. Even more so if Chrysalis know's about Dusk after reading so many books and newspapers about the Unicorn stallion that is seen like a son to Princess Celestia.

I want to see Chrysalis and Shining Armor getting very well and Cadance either getting very jealous or ask Chrysalis to join her on threesome with shining and her and Chrysalis being very confused

Dude, I freaking love this story so far, keep it up!:pinkiehappy:

I'm quite fond of this, Hoping for Dusk and AJ to end up together, Also interesting way to depict both Cadance and Chrysalis. Also the politics of this Equestria are quite fascinating and scary. Oh and just out of curiosity... is the Sisterhood named after the one from Sinfest? Because they sound like what that sisterhood would become if they ever got their way.

The 'Sisterhood' is, in this setting/story, essentially a faith built around Celestia and her sibling, without any official or unofficial support from Celestia, but the country's laws on religion and religious freedom preclude Celestia from directly intervening in the groups actions unless they directly contravene other laws.

And unfortunately, the Sisterhood has become very, very good at scraping the blame for the antics their followers get up to solely onto 'fringe' members or 'dangerous fanatics' rather than themselves and their misandrist philosophies and sermons.

And equally unfortunately, back when Celestia was very young and trying to get a handle on being in constant estrus due to becoming the Avatar of the Sun, she ... did some things that the Sisterhood has jumped on to use as the foundation for their beliefs, and every time Celestia leans on them, they point out that if Celestia could do it and be forgiven, then why can't they?

Basically take the misogyny, hypocrisy and coloured-people-are-second-tier-people attitudes of a lot of western religions, mix in a helpin' heapin' of the Church of Scientology's infamous cult shit and dust liberally with the got-mine-screw-you school of thought, shoot the resulting mixture with a RUle 63-inducing gun, and bang, you have the Sisterhood in all their awful glory.

Who knew
Chrysalis can be more lovely than Candace

I See, I don't know if that's better or worse then the one in sinfest. THAT sisterhood thinks of the SCUM Manifesto as important feminist reading, seems to treat all Male female sex as rape (of the female) and even though the Patrearchy is not only REAL in the world of that comic, and run by the Devil himself they STILL manage to look like the villains, So reading this I notice some similarities I thought you might have taken inspiration from them, yours are quite different and honestly much better written. Also constantly in heat or not, Celestia still seems to be falling into similar traps that a lot of the mares that she condemns do, though she seems aware of it and seems to be actuality trying to keep herself in check, the willpower she's got is amazing.

Can't wait to see what all the mares do when they learn the extent of Dusk and Spine's relationship.

I liked this one, especially since Dash turned so.white she'd make a ghost jealous. :derpytongue2:

Hmm "Rainbow Jell-O," or "Wacky waving arm flailing inflatable tube Dash?" Either way nice chapter.

Yeah, there's going to be some ... waves ... when that goes public.

This idea will either go very well or very bad but I'm interested none the less

Honestly I’m not sure how to feel about Spine being only 9 years old. I know she’s a dragon and ages differently but still...

You know how I mentioned a few times this story will touch on some serious social and political things?

... Yeah. That'll be one of them.

I’m juuuuuuuuuuust gonna poke this with the “is the next chapter ready” stick.

If Cadence still taught the Ladybug dance to Dusk, then I'm very much expecting to almost die laughing when he and Chrysalis finally meet.

8794038 I've kind of had three Blue, Flat days in a row.

I am working on the chapter, but I want it happy and fun and lewd and not dark and somber and sad.

Sorry to hear that, Hopefully you'll have some brighter days ahead. Also mental illness needs to go die in a fire, but well Humanity doesn't have the know how, the maturity, or the lack of greed to properly deal with it at the moment. What was the name of the prick COE who jacked the price I think it was AIDS medication up several hundred percent over night? With tools like him around even if we DID make medications to treat mental illnesses that actually worked there would still be plenty of bullshit to wade through.

Short and sweet but still entertaining also Rainbow in a fetal position is funny as hell still. I can't wait for more dude.

I want to see two things: Pinkie throwing a surprise party and Dusk panicking about said party (the mares of canterlot must have tried on him)
Maybe Spine using her fire magic to teleport Pinkie to Princess Celestia

I enjoyed this story wayyy more than I thought I was going to. I can't wait to see where you go with it.

Yo if Spines is talking video games I hope my boy Button Mash makes an appearance.

Excuse you, this is not celestial but rather the infamous TROLLESTIA. We can all tell she seems like the prancing type

I really want Shining and Chrysalis to date maybe add Candace I would also like the wedding to be either a prank or Chrysalis and Candace fighting to marry Shinning

Probably die laughing or a least reveal her true form

So far Applejack and possibly Fluttershy are the only acceptable mares. Definitely don't want Rarity anywhere near him.

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