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Greetings, Mares and Gentlecolts. I am someone who enjoys writing stories for fun, and sometimes, for all of you. I enjoy video games, movies, anime, and MLP. I hope to get along well with all of you.

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Another one of these fics.
Welp, I'm in for the long run.
(Waits for next update)

It begins!!

Celestia has a son complex.

Since he's at Canterlot, he could see Twilight's old friends, Canterlot Boutique, etc.

This is weird, I could have sworn I read this before. Is this Deja vu or something?!

I deleted it because I needed to write more chapters appropriate for this porn fic. If you wanna categorize it as such.

That reminds me. I should write more TwiSpike fics sometime since it's often my favorite ship.

And it continues.

In the words of john pinette : oh shit.

"But little does he also discover that he has also developed a new form of libido which comes in all male dragons in Equestria after the molt and it can't be controlled unless Celestia or the other princesses decide to have sex with him."

That's... oddly specific...

Did you just reference Secrets and Pies?

Did I? Not sure, maybe...

Either or is fine with me. I know the description needs work, but I hope you're enjoying the story.

If he's hungry, then he should head to the Tasty Treat.

That may be true. I believe what Ari means is the description makes it sound like every past-molting male dragon has to have sex specifically with Celestia or one of the other princess—Torch had to, Garble, that pillow dragon...


wow this is good.

Please, please, please don't make this other guy a jerk just so Spike has an excuse for hating him afterwards. That's such an overdone cliché. It would be far more interesting if he wasn't, and Spike had to learn how to deal with jealousy like an adult.

I really think that it would be in Spike's best interest if he actually did let his Auntie Luna in on what is going on, for all we know, she may already know what is going one with Spike and how to deal with it, not to mention some prime teasing material, especially if she knows that Spike ran into the Canterlot 5 and it reveals that Spike DID have a bit of a crush on Moondancer....

I've said in the previous chapter, and I'm gonna say it again--it would be better for Spike to fess up to Luna as to what is REALLY happening to him. She's family; she wants to really help out. And I have a feeling that Luna may have actually heard of the Horme Effect, just that she's hasn't seen it in effect until Spike showed up. Not to mention--Spike's paranoia is that he's afraid every creature is gonna treat him as a sexual deviant and an outcast if it is exposed. Ironically, I believe him actually accepting what is going on would go a long way to treating him...

And why do I have the weird feeling that maybe Spike and Smolder would go all the way with how she was informing Spike as to what is happening to him? Or maybe when he returns from Canterlot, Spike 'returns the favor' with Smoulder--I have a feeling that she has some feelings for Spike in a tsundere way....

please update.

Eat where?

Spike was talking about dinner.

Never say anything about dinner where.

Well, it could imply anything.

This was a good chapter.

Thanks. What made you think so?

Spike is finally getting some attention not that he usually gets alot.

Ah. Well, thanks for the feedback.

Please continue this story!

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