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After a night of gossiping between Rainbow Dash and Applejack, some of Applejack's apples have lost their red color and Rainbow doesn't have a spot of red on her!

Twilight does some investigating and determines Rainbow Dash caught Farbensprites, a cousin of the parasprites, that eat color! These nocturnal creatures eat red the first night and move down the rainbow of colors each night.

Rainbow Dash is troubled by her loss of color. Will she ever get her colors back, what if she loses more colors?

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More to come soon, I promise


Whoa... this is actually a pretty creative idea.

Wins my "Creative Fic of the Day" award! Well done, Dash!

The main thing I had a bit of a problem with, was that the ending of the chapter seemed a little rushed. But other than that, I liked this fic a lot! I'll be keeping an eye on this one.

I look forward to the next thing.

I have to agree with the others, this idea is very creative. And, considering that the parasprites ate words out of books at one point, pretty plausible. Good job.

Fabulous premise. I'm here for the duration.

Whoa! SoarinxDash moments:raritystarry:, I like this story already! I'll be keeping track of this one. More please!:twilightsmile:

more plzzzzzzzz I like where this is going:twilightsmile::raritywink::pinkiesmile::rainbowhuh: rainbow is best pony 

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