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After fasting and giving up sports and exercise, Rainbow Dash needs to get back into shape for her training with the Wonderbolts and is greatly inspired to bring her friends along for the workout. Trouble does find Rainbow Dash and she has to work through her obstacles to achieve one of her greatest dreams in life. Becoming a Wonderbolt with Soarin'. Little does she know that her life will become dramatically different in more ways than one.

This story is a follow up to my other story called, "Can You Take Me Back?" You do not have to read that story to understand what happens here in this story.


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3373738 It's the big one!

75,000 words? You're not going to get any readers except the most and I mean this in both possible ways, devout, readers.

Please, for your own sake, and that of people who have things to do in life, break it down into a few parts. Please?

Ooh, this looks interesting. I'll see -




se..se..sev..seventy thousand!? *sqeaks*words.. ill have to wait untill i have a full day.

75 000 words...
*Rarity faint*

*Sees story*

Oh, this looks interesti-

*Chapter 1, 76,082 words*

this took me an hour to read


Guys, I'm sorry. I didn't add any chapters, but I did cut this story in half. I realized that there were actually two stories here and I decided to make this into two parts instead of one. If you read this already, don't worry about the sequel. This is still a long story, but it should be much more quickly to read now.

3385735 You're missing the point, it's not that the story was too long, it was that you didn't format it correctly. 45,000 words in a single chapter is absolutely ridiculous to expect a person to be able to go through in one sitting. You need to ensure your chapters can be consumed in reasonable amounts of time because people can't track their progress in the middle of a fimfiction chapter.

3385788 <--- This.

Break it into chapters. I'll be able to take my time with the reading. I don't have to time of day to sit down and read 45000 words.:ajbemused:


lol at first i seen part 9 and im like 80 thousand blue an extra 30!ahhg! then i seen the break down..ahh thank god.

3385788>>3385933 Well, I have never written a story with chapters before, but I feel like I lost some sleep over this. This is going to sound nuts, but the second story is now deleted and I brought it all back together under a single story. Even though it could work either way as two stories, I decided to listen to you guys and break it up into many chapters under a single story. People were NOT happy when I split the story and I didn't exactly get very positive feedback for doing that.

I guess I need to thank you all for getting on my case. I may even go back to all of my older stories and start using chapters. I realized that it's better and it was just something that I'm not used to.

Sorry again, and thanks. I hope you all may enjoy the story now.

3388528 ive read 120k words in a day before, but if took me from 8am to 7ish pm.

Love it!! But I think there's some errors.

3389616 Thank you! I'm very happy that you liked it. I hope you got some good laughs. :pinkiehappy:

Wow…that last chapter felt REALLY awkward.

Other than that, I really enjoyed it! I look forward to part 9

3391659 That was the purpose of it. I tried to make it seem as awkward as I could. I'm glad you liked the story though. Thanks for reading.

Hey! who ya callin' out of shape? :twilightangry2:

heh... one chapter down, so many more to go...

heheh... I liked the part where the royal sisters were being silly, but not over the top mean like how you sometimes portray them in your older fics.

nopony questions the royal sister's coolness, or they shall be sent to the MOoooooOOoooon!!! :trollestia:

You gotta know that when you name your foals Scumbag Steve and Douche-bag Danny, their options in life tend to be limited... :facehoof:

I like Bubba already, he should've punched those two numbskulls... in Da FACE!!! :pinkiehappy:

3433594 They are simply called Steve and Danny when I refer to them. Remember in part 4 when Steve demanded that Rarity call him a scumbag? They chose those names for themselves, not their parents. :raritywink:

Huh... pretty generic pony names I gotta say...
anyway, onto the next chapters!

No!!! CheeriMac Forever!!!! :derpytongue2:

It was hard not to laugh when this story is just so stupidly hilarious

3438858 Hard not to laugh? Most of this story is comedy. It was part of my goal to make the readers laugh. I'm not sure if you missed the comedy tag or not. :raritywink:

You know, I actually liked that story. But could you add a chapter 9? preferably when Rainbow becomes pregnant and they have their first foal?

3452041 I'm not planning on that right now, but we'll see in the future. I'm currently working very hard on a special video game project. Thanks for the suggestion though. :twilightsmile:

OMG i have seen the quote before on instagram

there are two types of people
Ones that pee in he shower, and liars

*Grabs potato chips and Cherry Coke* IM READY TO READ:rainbowwild::rainbowkiss:

What does this have to do with Soarin-Dash

Rubber chicken! of course! can she summon a Scootaloo next? :scootangel:

Leeches sucking on Fluttershy? Ew.. EW... EWWWWWWWW!!!!

Big Mac inside of Fluttershy??? :applejackconfused: EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

Awww.... I was hoping for an actual visualization of a Sonic Rainboom...

that being said, man that pony is tough! :rainbowdetermined2:

3536687 These girls can get into some strange discussions sometimes! :applejackconfused:

please do a part 9 it could be where rainbow gets pregnant :rainbowwild: lol

3570209 We'll see in the future. I have been way too busy with a side project that has been consuming nearly all of my free time. Hopefully, I'll get back to writing again when I finish it.

Thanks for reading and the suggestion. :rainbowkiss:

It's nice to see that Dashie and Soarin' are flying together. :ajsmug:
Derpy's spending more time learning from the Sisters in Christ. That's good. :derpytongue2:
Aw... Already, the lovebirds are planning marriage. :yay:

It's always helpful to get a good workout. :raritywink:
Aw... Isn't that sweet? Applejack's gonna be protecting Rarity. :twilightsmile:
Oh man... That part about the sunglasses is hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:
A.J.'s got you there, Dashie. :ajsmug:

A.J., help your future sister-in-law into the gym, will you? :duck:
Poor Rarity. This place brings back unpleasant memories. :fluttershysad: At least A.J.'s always at her side. :ajsmug:
Pinkie, you are a threat to tolerance. :rainbowlaugh:
Nice appearances by Snowflake and Vinyl. :raritywink:
I never thought A.J. was that strong!!! :pinkiegasp:

Aw... A FlutterMac reference! :yay::heart::eeyup:
Those guys should put that act on tour. :rainbowlaugh:

I don't think Rarity's gonna want to come to this gym again... :raritycry:
Bubba? Almost sounds like a swollen Beaker from The Muppets.

Glad that song's over with. :scootangel:
Ballet, eh? Not a bad idea! :raritywink:

3636671 I kind of wanted to give Applejack some kind of super ability since she doesn't have wings or magic, and I do like to amplify their personalities or traits a bit. I really do like extra silly and crazy Pinkie Pie and Applejack is a major favorite of mine as well. You got to be strong to be working the farm like she does. :ajsmug:

I only added Vinyl Scratch in because I am reminded of her every time I go to my local gym. They mostly play Dub-step all day there.

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