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The darkness has come for Equestria, destroying everything it touches. Flowers wilt, trees wither, grass goes black. And that's just for starters!

Needless to say, Equestria stands no chance against the dark forces corrupting the land. Not as it is currently.

But, there is a small spark of hope. A last ditch attempt is made to contact help in the past, so that the crisis can be averted.

What will happen next? Will Equestria be saved? Read on!

Based on Dungeons and Dragons type games... but not enough to consider it a part of that universe.

Sex tag is more for implications

As usual, tags wil be added as necessary.

Contains: Unapologetically overpowered characters. That's the way I roll.

Chapters (18)
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Yay! A update! This is a good song to listen to. How are you?

That's good. Are all the main OCs in the story made by you? If not, then who?

All of them are my own design. Although, since I haven't made any art of them, "design" might not be the best term. I WOULD, however, be glad if someone were to do so for me.

Thing is, I'm a bit strapped at the best of times. I can't afford to pay someone to design something.

Drama was shocked, but recomposed herself shortly. "O- kay . I'm bottle feeding that one."

This made me laugh harder than it should

This chapter is in need of editing :ajsmug:

"[bHow DARE you!?" whatever was controlling me roared, causing everything that wan't essentially nailed down to sway or rattle.

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