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This story is a sequel to Left Alone

When Rainbow Dash invited Twilight Sparkle over to her place for a slumber party, Twilight is surprised that Rainbow didn't invite her other friends. Until things get pretty romantic, and turn into Twilight's dream night.

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Comments ( 14 )

I have a feeling that I will like this.


Keep it up, I always love to see new TwiDash.

Comment posted by MoonSkies deleted Mar 21st, 2019

E this is an E fiction. I like how Twilght blushes near the end. Such romance and it is a good read. Its also cute in some parts.

Thank you, glad you found some parts cute!

Not sure why there are so many dislikes, this is a classic shipfic?

same,I really enjoyed it.

Yeah well I'm just satisfied that the majority is likes :twilightsmile:

Sweet and romantic.

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