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Octaves Beyond - GuitarKirby

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Q/A: The Next Movement

Time for Q/A, folks. I'm gonna answer questions that I'd have if I was a reader of this little fanfic.

Will there be a sequel?
Yes and no. I really, really enjoyed writing this one, and I'd like to do more like it. However, I don't like having a lot of continuity between my stories. I may come up with a sequel to this story, but first I'd like to dip my feet in further as far as this genre, and try to add some more mature themes (while avoiding clopfic level stuff, if I can).

What was with your choice in song, and why didn't you use X by Y band?
My choices of songs were very specific, and they were made to fit the scene. The very last song used was one I just couldn't resist using; if Octavia were seducing a piano player, I imagine that's how she'd do it.

How come you didn't use the snooty, fanon Octavia?
I think there's room to improvise on characters. Octavia is always displayed as a high-class snob, and always seems to wind up in fics with Vinyl Scratch. I imagined her as a musician who is completely within her element. Really, this could have been two OCs, but Octavia seemed to fit the bill better than others.

Is Shady Sound a reference to "Slim Shady?"

Is Octavia your favorite background pony, and that's why you wrote about her?
No, but she was the most accessible and blank-slated character I could think of, and fit the bill of this story idea.

How come Vinyl Scratch wasn't in this?
I don't like dubstep. Actually, it was just because she didn't NEED to be in this story; I might write a similar one about her in the future.

Any advice you could give me?
If you're trying too hard to write, then your writing isn't gonna be good. Write a chapter, read it over, publish it. Then, distance yourself from your writing for a time, unless you're on a HUGE roll.

Who is your favorite of the mane 6/background pony?
Rainbow Dash is my all time favorite, just because she's everything I wish I was; cool, athletic, and extremely confident. Twilight Sparkle ties with her, though, due to the fact that she and I share so much in common. She's not a social butterfly, she's bookish, and something of a geek.

I like a lot of the background ponies; Octavia is obviously one I like. Derpy's gotta be my favorite, though, cliche'd as it is. And Bic Macintosh is just so awesome.

Any other questions you guys have, comment or PM me, and I'll post them here.

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Who is your favorite background pony?
And who is your favourite Main six pony? (I hope to celestia you say Rainbow Dash)

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