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What if the Mane 6, as well as other ponies from Equestria, were part of other universes? This is a collection of short stories in which the characters of MLP: FiM get thrown around in a hundred different ways. Hardcore nerds should enjoy this. (A side note: I have not made any real cover work for this, because I'm not sure what would work for it. If anypony has some decent artwork, or would like to contribute, I'd be very grateful.)

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Yeah, not a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh! but this was still amusing. Have to say though, that it seemed a little odd to me that you had to make an OC named shadow for this to work. I fail to see though why you couldn't have made this based around the battle from the first episode(s) when yugi vs... I can't remember his name but that moody guy with the trench coat and the blue eyes white dragons. Just make it so the elements of harmony was yugi's winning combination as opposed to the card(s) he used in the show. I'm just saying, that might have been cooler.
Anyway, it was amusing and well written enough. I assume the rest of the chapters are gonna be like this. Just inserting ponies into an existing franchise or series.

961837 I didn't want to intrude on anything canon, but that would make for a good story line (by the way, the moody guy is named Seto Kaiba). That wasn't on purpose, I just needed a totally random character name, and that one popped into my head... No more Sonic Heroes for me before writing. Thanks for your comment, and yep, the rest of the chapters will be pretty much the same.

Hmmm, interesting. I could actually see them being an actual deck. My mind was also thinking up monster cards for their families as well as the background ponies.... speaking of which, I kinda wanted to see Derpy and Vinal Scratch.


You're welcome. What do you intend the next chapter to be about?

961860 Glad you mentioned them; I actually had cards that would work for many background ponies and family members, but I just couldn't fit all of them in here. Heck, I was running out of moves for Joey by the end of it, and I had to invent some cards that don't exist (the only non-canon/outside-the-rules thing I did here).

Good job, sir, for this chapter has earned you a like, a star and a watch.

962038 And you, my nameless friend, have just made my day FAR more than 20% cooler. :rainbowlaugh:

967338 I'm glad. I know it was short; most of these will be. The next one'll be a bit long.

Why the hell does this have more dislikes than likes?!

Dunno, I'm sure someone hates me.
Seriously, though, I should mention that if you dislike the story, it's more helpful to leave an actual comment spelling out WHY you dislike the stories. If you LIKE it, please, tell me why and tell me what could still use some polishing; I'm a glutton for criticism.

Not bad ideas here, however, they seem to be short and more fast paced. I personally believe that the Yu-Gi-oH chapter was the most cleverly written, however most of the other chapters seem to be very fast paced.

Also, I think an editor might be required here as well, not just for grammar mistakes, but for content mistakes. For example, the words like "got" or "get" are lazy words. Instead, think of what I like to call, 500 horsepower (or should I say, pony-power :pinkiehappy:?:facehoof:) verbs.

Other than that, it is more of a content base than a "I hate this story because it is bad". Honestly, people might like this story, but honestly, it is like a scene like this:

Yeah. Nuff said on that.
In any case, good luck with the next chapter!

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