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After Octavia's wild, romantic fling, how will her old college friend Vinyl Scratch react to a rather zealous fan of her own? Perhaps Octavia will be able to offer her some pointers, even after the last year or two of not speaking to one another?

Rated Teen for romantic scenes, suggestive situations, and use of alcohol.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 19 )

1653876 Someponies have to go to school ya know :ajbemused: Hense, why I'm typing this in math right now.

1653910 Well then, MATHMATICAL STRIKE! (fact, long range snipering is essentially using math as a weapon)

I love this fic.

And to the other two commenters;


Science wins, our nukes our bigger. Glad you all enjoyed.

1654644>>1653923>>1654016YOU'RE ALL WRONG!!! READING WINS! SI-FI BLACK HOLE!!!

On an other note other than using the comments as a battle field Awesome job

If you had used the correct form of the word "You're," I might agree with you.

Can I please have a bit more sir?

On another note Reading now wins because I used the right you're that mean Reading has two votes there for having the most votes there for winning .

Considering from what I know about you.... It is gonna be awkward for me to read Light Speed as just "Light"... That's it I'm calling him Speed!
Also why is it that the first chapter is nothing more than a battle ground?

1657699 I'm pretty sure they did... "You are all wrong," - "You're all wrong,"

Why is it whenever to topic of pony sex comes up you ALWAYS have to point out that Earth Ponies have a much stronger stamina and can last hours in bed?
Hehehehehehe.... And now I just got a mental image of that one seen with Shady and Tavi. You know the one.

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