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The Sumareian

My need for Improvement.

So get this I am a mediocre writer, I admit this. (Shamelessly I might add.)And the best way to break that trend is to have someone somewhere, let me know if I messed up so I can fix it and improve my style at the same time. Feel free to comment on parts that seemed confusing, fell free to give advice. and if you are gonna hate on me how about instead of just complaining help me help you, by pointing out what you didn't like so I can fix it.

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I'm following you :pinkiecrazy:

Thanks very much for having favourited When You Fall, I Can't Catch You! :pinkiehappy:

122511 its a awesome story of course I would fav

Thanks for the fav.:moustache:

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The Grand re write. · 5:15pm Aug 2nd, 2013

Okay so maybe not so grand, but when I think about it this was my first actual fic. And as such I see how raw the style is compared to my own today. (Really, My at the time that was some of my best writing skills.) So it goes without saying that I molded a story and basked in the appreciation and views (like 1200!!! thanks for bearing with raw style.), I will rewrite each chapter and release them around the same time they were posted. (For nostalgia's sake, and the fact that some parts need to

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