• Published 10th Jul 2018
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Taking the Sun III: Crystal Kin - WishyWish

After a birthday celebration the royal house will not soon forget, Princess Cadance is left pondering the ethics of it all. A trio of guests is about to share with her the depths of her aunt's heart, and send her home a few tricks wiser. (Part 3!)

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Comments ( 6 )

Great story. I really enjoyed reading it

Glad you had a good time. Thanks for reading!

this was good, do you know if theirs gonna be a forth chapter later on?

Depends on the patron, but I have a bunch of other commissions before we could get around to it again.

Glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

Thought occurs. One word describes this story quite well. UNF.

Glad you had fun :twilightsmile:

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