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So after the events of Shoot For The Stars, Celestia and Luna thought it would be a great idea to prank our beloved nerdy princess Twilight Sparkle.

Meanwhile, the Crusaders seem to be confused by the mathematics taught at their own school. Cheerilee was worried, but Celestia noticed this and had the best prank idea ever.

Why not kill two birds with one stone... With the weirdest and the most infamous teacher of all time...

Mr. Baldi?

Inspired by the new hit horror game, Baldi’s Basics.

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Hmm, now I'm curious about this game.

It looks crappy, but the game play is worth it.

I just new somepony was going to make a MLP crossover of this.


No, you don't want to find out anything about this game! Unless...

...you watch this.

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Hi, Twilight's Parents is very proud of Twilight Sparkle becoming the new princess in this episode.
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yes rise up
wat NOOOOOOOOO[/color
Baldi said screaming down the halls of the school in anger and defeat

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