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long description: The Conversion Bureau,simple right? go to Earth and convert the human locals and take over the planet,but Princess Celestia's spell sent them to the wrong Earth and her barrier collapsed ,now her Equestria is sitting just on the coast of the ruins of the Boston Commonwealth in 2287

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justice has been served!

meanwile 7-17 miles way a reider with a very good pare of binoculsuer named bob squll
bob squll:wellp time to be a farmer now

lol i may make that a bonus chapter

yes plz nukacola raiders have big teliscop and see it happen then?

maybe,but what is a nuka cola raider?

... never heard of the fallout4 nuka world dlc ... wut

go to YouTube search up nuka world dlc for fallout 4

Nice fic ya got here, could do with some grammar and spelling checks, but you do know that the Bos uses T-60 series powerarmor in 4 right?

Naiba #14 · May 16th · · ·

A typo by the second letter of a story's title has got to be some sort of record.

this story is literally the worst thing I have ever read in my life


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