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I love Spider-Man, MLP, Batman, Ben 10, FNAF, and Cell Saga Gohan.


William and Michael Afton are given a second chance at life, only this time in a world full of colorful talking ponies. For Michael, this is as close as a vacation from all the crazy he had to deal with. For William, he'd rather go back to that torture room Cassidy had set for him. The two meet new faces and explore this new world, but can this new world and its inhabitants change William's cruel behavior?

Chapters (2)
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This is good so far, but, um...why did William take Fluttershy upstairs? They just met, it feels weird that he’d do something like that for her, especially considering who he is. Other than that I like this so far.

I'm glad your enjoying it. Chapter 2 will go more in depth of William's weird behavior. I'm actually glad someone mentioned something about this.

Yay! Is chapter 2 going to come out soon or will it be a while? (I’m not trying to ask you I’m just curious)

I'll get some work in most likely after I grab a bite to eat.

I’m genuinely surprised! What a good crossover for the time being! I’ll definitely have to follow this :twilightsmile:

Thank you! That means a lot to me.

Not trying to be a douche, but I’m fairly certain Cassidy isn’t Williams son. Unless of course, this is how you have your story which is fine by me. :ajsmug:

It's alright that you think so. No one knows for certain who Cassidy really is in the game universe. Well no one, but Scott.

Scott should really release the fnaf storyline at some point. Maybe 20 years after MatPat gets insane? xD

so 2042? because help wanted has already been driving mat closer to that edge...

Oh yeah, that sounds plausible :raritywink:

Rip Mat tho

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