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Hello, I write things. Sometimes they're good. Guess you'll have to stick around and figure which ones are and which aren't.


Fun times with the stallion everypony is gay for. Just a lighthearted, silly thing with no real emotional depth or drama. Don't worry about the sex tag, no actual smut. Homosexuality, in both a physical and an emotional sense, will be featured (duh).
Art is not mine, check out the artist's DA: https://johnnoz.deviantart.com/

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What did i just read?:rainbowhuh: Ugh i don't wanna think I am too tired :facehoof:

oh don't worry, it'll still be trash in the morning <3

interesting so far, keep it up

I’m not sure why this story has so many dislikes, there’s nothing terrible in this chapter, and the next chapter is rather enjoyable.

Thank you for the kind words! As for the negativity, I wouldn't know. I made this fic as a passion project to bring a more light hearted take on the sometimes rather dark M/M fics that you see on FiMFiction. Regardless, I am truly thankful for every read, every like or dislike, and every last comment.

interesting chapter, looking forward to what will happen next.

Nice to see an update on this story again, keep it up.

Oh hey, I’m glad you’re not dead or anything! Ironically, I was expecting a completely different Soarburn fic update tonight, but this was a nice surprise!

*takes a bow* I aim to impress :duck:

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