• Published 19th Apr 2018
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Equestria Girls Spikebelle - Chaos04

Spike is a young boy who attends Canterlot junior making new friends and gose on adventures

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The End Of school And Confession

It was the final day of school, and Spike was having his sandwich for lunchtime. For the first time since he lost his mum, things seemed normal. Everything was happening the way it should. No sign of Garble, or even Smoulder. Pharynx hadn’t shown his face for days, making Spike assume his dad had taken care of him. He was living with Twilight again. And most of all, there was nothing chaotic that had happened ever since Discord returned to normal.

Spike just then began wondering about Discord, and how things were currently going between him and Fluttershy. On that subject, what about Twilight and Thorax? He only recently learned about them after Discord had his chaotic breakdown.

His thoughts ended when he suddenly found himself surrounded by his three schoolmates.

“Hey there,” Scootaloo greeted him. “So, what plans you got for summer?”

“Plans? Nah. I never had much a head for plans. I always just wing these kinds of things.

“Well, the three of us already got plans to go to the water park next week. You in?” Apple Bloom said.

“Yeah, alright. Sounds like fun,” Spike answered.

After lunch was eaten, the children joined up for a game of tetherball. In what seemed like only seconds, though it was many minutes, the bell rang, signalling the start of class.

“Well, that’s it for this,” Spike said. He and the others started walking away to return to the remainder of their classes. After that: three whole months of freedom.

“Spike,” Sweetie Belle said.

“What is it?” Spike wondered.

“Um…” Sweetie stalled for a moment, before she finally spoke her mind. “I forgot some things from my locker. Can you help me carry them?”

“Sure,” Spike answered. He didn’t understand why Sweetie Belle couldn’t simply carry her supplies in her backpack the way that she always had before, but obliged her anyway, as her friend.

They had just walked around the first corner, when Sweetie Belle spoke up again.

“Spike. Um...I didn't really forget anything. I just wanted to talk to you alone,” she said.

“Okay, but you’d better say it fast,” Spike said, keeping class time in mind.

“Okay, Spike I...Thanks,” she said, her cheeks going a tad red.

Spike was confused by what he heard.

“Thanks for what?” he wondered. After all, since he had met her, he had burned her arm, worried her sick day after day, and the whole world had almost literally turned upside-down.

“Nothing, really. Just for always being there when I needed you the most. And for looking after me when nobody else could. I don’t think anyone else would have, even if we didn’t get off to the best start.”

Spike once again glanced to Sweetie’s arm, which was covered by the sleeve of her jacket. For the first time since, he didn’t feel guilty about inflicting her such harm.

“You know, it never really was a problem,” Spike answered.

That seemed good enough an answer for Sweetie Belle. With a smile, she took his hand, and practically skipped to the next class, while Spike walked behind her.

It was evening now, and Spike and all of his friends were sitting the auditorium chairs that had been set out in the gymnasium. This was it. Their next step into their lives, out of primary school, and into Canterlot High.

It was an exciting step for them, being able to spend the next couple of years with their sisters and all their other friends.

The graduation ceremony finished, and the students went to their separate homes. Spike found his way to Twilight and her family, and drove home with them. Once they reached the house, Spike went directly to bed, for the first time anticipating what the morning would bring.

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still as good as always

Very nice.

I just have to say, before I even read it, I'm so glad you decided to make Spike a human for this story. Because, while I love shipping Spike with any of the ponies, if you assume things like romance would replicate themselves across the two realms , (which would have to if the two realms maintain the same actual characters, kinda like the Star Trek mirrorverse). Then any Spike pairing would have some nasty implications on Equestria Girls. It's one of the many reasons I still can't parse why the chose to make him a dog. Hell, a cat would've been better.

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