• Published 19th Apr 2018
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Equestria Girls Spikebelle - Chaos04

Spike is a young boy who attends Canterlot junior making new friends and gose on adventures

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School was over, and everyone left the classroom for the day at Canterlot High.

Before her friends even had a chance to speak to her after class, she left the school grounds to go right for the first place she knew Spike would be on this new day. With all haste, she took to the streets and headed straight for Canterlot Elementary down the road.

She arrived at the school, and looked over the crowd of children, hoping that Spike was still there when she arrived.

“Spike!” she called to the crowd.

No answer came.

“Spike!” she called again.

When no answer came once more, she approached a group of children.

“Excuse me. I’m looking for a boy with green hair. He’s about this tall. Named Spike. Have you seen him?,” Twilight said.

“I don’t know about anyone named Spike, but a lot of green-haired boys have already left school,” the girl answered.

Twilight should have guessed that her vague description would yield her no results. She took one last look around, and saw that there was no boy who even looked remotely like Spike around. Instead of staying, she left the campus grounds to continue her search.

The first corner she turned after leaving the school, and she bumped into someone’s back.

“Spike? Is that you?” asked a boy’s voice. He turned around to find that it was not a young boy, but a girl his own age. “Oh, sorry. I thought you were someone else.”

Twilight looked at the boy before her, recognizing him from the day she met Spike at the beach. The first thing she noticed was how tired and disheveled he looked. His messy hair and dark bags under his eyes made it look like he was awake all night. More important was what he said.

“Have you seen Spike?” She asked him.

“Not since yesterday. I was out looking for him all night,” he said.

“Me too! It’s like he just disappeared off the face of the planet,” Twilight said. “Why are you looking for him?”

“Because he needs someone looking after him. I don’t know what’s going on, but something happened to him, and he really needs someone,” Discord answered.

“That’s kind of why I’m looking for him too. See…” Twilight paused a moment, unsure if it was appropriate for her to be the one divulging this information. But, for this boy to understand the gravity of the situation, she had no choice. “A few days ago, Spike lost his home. And his mom died too.”

“Say what!?” Discord said. Spike’s sudden change in attitude started making sense all of a sudden.

“Yeah. I know. Anyway, after that, I offered for him to stay with me for a while, until he could get things sorted out. But, he…” Twilight started tearing up at the memory of what happened then, “I threw him out.”

“You--What kind of heartless creep throws out a homeless orphan!!?” Discord said.

“It wasn’t like that! Spike told me he was a criminal once! And then I learned he attacked my friend’s sister! And things just spiraled out of control!”

Discord could plainly see how hysterical Twilight was becoming. Even though what she did was horrible, her reaction was proof enough of her remorse.

“Alright. So, what Spike did was wrong. But, he isn’t like that anymore. Believe me, I can tell just by looking at him. Now, if we’re going to find him, we need to work together,” Discord said.

“Alright,” Twilight said. A light shone on her mind, as she now had an ally in her search for her missing friend. “I’m Twilight, by the way.”

“Discord,” the boy answered.

And the two set off to find the boy.


Spike had already left school with Sweetie Belle, and was walking her home.

“So, Sweetie Belle: where do you want to go?” Spike asked.

“I don't really know. I think going to the beach again would be nice. But, this time I think we should bring our beach clothes,” Sweetie Belle answered.

“Why?” Spike wondered.

“What do you mean ‘why?’ I can’t go swimming in this. My parents would have a fit if they saw me ruin this outfit,” Sweetie Belle said. She started toward the shop where she and her family lived. “Wait here, while I get my swimsuit.”

Sweetie Belle entered the boutique, and found her sister happily chatting away with the customers. Her after school job, to help out around the family. Carefully, Sweetie avoided her sister, to avoid having to explain why she was using her allowance money to buy a children’s bikini. Quickly, she stole a swimsuit off the rack, left her payment by the register, stuffed it into a plastic bag, and quickly went back outside.

“And where do you think you're going?” she heard a voice, and turned around to see her older sister.

“Rarity. I...I was just heading to the beach. With my friends,” Sweetie Belle nervously explained.

“Well, I certainly hope you paid for that swimsuit,” Rarity said.

“I left my money by the register.”

“Alright. Off you go,” Rarity said, shopoing her sister from the store. One of these days, she was going to have to teach Sweetie how to use the cash register.


Twilight and Discord continued their search for Spike. Unknown to them, they were already searching in the wrong direction.

“Great. I feel like we’re going nowhere with the,” Twilight said.

“In some ways: we are. I mean, what do we even plan on doing when we find him?” Twilight said.

Twilight stopped momentarily when she heard that. It was true. Even when she found Spike, she didn’t know what she would do, or what she would say to him when she found him. If there was any reason that she was even looking, it was for the sheer responsibility for being the one who sent him away. Maybe it was only to right her own wrongs that she had done against him that she was looking at all. And, if that was the case, she was only the most selfish person on the face of the planet.

“Well, what do you think you’ll do if you find him?” Twilight wondered.

Discord too thought about his reasons for searching (if there was any reason at all) he thought it all went back to that day before the beach. He thought about when he bumped into Spike, and how through only walking him to the beach, he felt a brief connection to the boy. There was no loving, caring family in his home. There were no walks to the beach, or even an exchange of conversation. With Spike, he felt needed. Wanted. Like someone cared. And, if all he wanted from finding a runaway who had nothing was companionship, how great a person could be himself?

“Let’s just keep looking for Spike,” Discord answered.

They started walking, and met a boy in a red jacket, who was sitting on a doorstep.

“Hey, you guys,” the boy said. “This might sound kind of weird, but I’m looking for a green-haired kid.” He recognized Discord from last night. “Probably the same one you’re looking for.”

“How do you know Spike? Have you seen him?” Twilight asked.

“No. But, I feel like I kind of have to find him,” the boy said.

“Why?” Discord wondered.

“I don’t know. If I had to explain it: I have to figure out what broke him, and how to fix it. Like, when I tried beating him up a few days ago, he was already a mess.”

“You tried attacking him!!?” Twilight said.

“Whoah! Hey! I was only trying to teach him some manners after he started giving me all this attitude. I wasn’t going to really hurt him. Besides, I didn’t even touch him. I just saw his face, and...I knew that someone had to heal him. That’s all. Just, if someone could share their emotions with him, he’d be a different person.”

That was it. If Twilight or Discord were going to find him, they would have to heal Spike.

“Alright. I think you should come with us to help out,” Twilight said. “I’m Twilight, and this is Discord.”

“Thorax. Nice meeting you guys,” the boy in the red jacket said.


Sweetie Belle and Spike arrived at the beach. After a walk on the soft sand, Spike took his shirt off to get ready for swimming.

“Spike, I'll be back. Just got to get changed,” Sweetie Belle said, finding a place to get changed.

Spike ran to the water. When his feet touched the surf, chills shook through his body. Slowly, he started inching his way into the water.

“How’s the water?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“Like taking a swim in the north pole,” Spike said. He turned around, and saw that Sweetie Belle had changed into her white bikini. For a moment he stared, looking once more to her scarred arm, juxtaposed to the rest of her unblemished skin. He continued to look, until Sweetie got into the water with him.

“Jeez!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed. “Who ever heard of a beach with cold water?”

“It’s just something we’re going to have to get used to,” Spike said.

Sweetie and Spike slowly inched into the water, barely taking it a centimeter at a time. The waves of the water lapped up, and got the children nearly up to their knees.

“Yike!!” Sweetie Belle said, as she jumped into Spike’s arms.

“Sweetie Belle! What are you doing!? Get off me!”

“No way! It’s cold down there!”

And it was only about to get worse. Spike was not strong, and Sweetie Belle was heavy. The boy soon overbalanced and fell over backward, right into the freezing water.

Both children yelped loudly, as Spike quickly scooted out of the surf with Sweetie in his arms. In seconds, though it felt like minutes, they were safely back on the sand, panting and shivering.

“How about we play volleyball instead?” Spike asked.

“Yeah,” Sweetie readily agreed.

From then until sunset, the children enjoyed the myriad of activities that the beach offered them. By the end of the day, they were sitting on the sand together, watching the sunset just as they had done before.

“Well, today was fun,” Sweetie Belle said.

Spike smiled and nodded. It was actually the most fun that he had since his mother died.

“Maybe, we could do it again. Or, do something in town with your friends?” Spike said.

“Yeah. We could all go to the arcade, and spend the day there,” Sweetie Belle suggested.

“Let’s do that,” Spike said.

“Alright. It’s a plan. Now, I have to get changed and go home, before my family starts to worry.”

Spike sighed internally. Having a family, Sweetie Belle was able to be concerned by such things. He thought about how lucky she was, and watched her disappear to one of the changing rooms up on the path by the beach.

With one last look to the sunset, Spike retrieved his pillow and blanket from where he stored them underneath one of the nearby bungalows, and got ready to sleep for the night.