• Published 26th Feb 2018
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Blazing a Trail to the Past. - Daylight_Dreamer

After a freak accident, I wound up in equestria with a Jeep. Offroading where nobodys driven before. Or am I?

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17- Breakfast with Big Mac and tea with Granny Smith.

I woke up around eight o'clock in the morning. The scenes from my dream still playing in my head.

There was a knock, but this time it was the front door, and I was fully dressed. I set my wake and bake down to answer it.

I was happy to see Big Mac at the door. With a perfectly normal plate of flapjacks.

"Howdy," I said as I motioned to invite him in.

"You missed breakfast so I brought it this time," he said, "don't get used to it."

"Wouldn't dream of it," I laughed at my inside joke, "is that all, or do you have time to hang out?"

He seemed to consider the options before asking, "Is that smell?..."

"Yeah," I said, "I was smoking a bowl, you want in?"

"I have a minute," He chuckled.

I let him finish the pack I started as I ate breakfast.

"There were a couple other reasons I stopped by," Big Mac said. I wasn't used to hearing Big Mac talk so much, but I knew the show had to be exaggerating the whole strong silent thing.

"What would those be?" I asked.

"For starters," He said, "Granny is gonna be awful sore if you don't pay her a visit today. She was hoping to meet you yesterday."

"Yeah," I said, "I got a little busy, but I have time before lunch with the princesses. I'll head over to the house in a bit."

"She'll like that," he said, "The other thing..." He took a deep breath, "Thank you for saving Apple Bloom. I don't know what I have to offer, but there is a load of firewood waiting outside your door, and you can just tell me if you need more. I can always chop a little extra firewood," his face was sinking like he felt what he had wasn't good enough, I was brought back to the dream once again.

"Look!" I pretended to be annoyed, "there is no way on Earth or Equestria that I could have left her there. Don't go feeling like I need all kinds of rewards for it. You guys already gave me a house."

"Just wait," he laughed, "The house is from all of us. I'm not the only one that feels like he needs to add a personal gift."

"Oh, great," I said, "I was hoping the house counted as the sisters' things since they presented the place. So I gotta do this three more times? Not just for Granny Smith?"

"Afraid so," he said bluntly, "I better get back to work, and you better get over to Granny."

"I suppose so," I said, "Catch you later."

"Eeyup," He headed out the door.

I didn't want to wait too long so I just rinsed the plate and fork Big Mac brought and headed for the farmhouse.

I needed to ask the Apples for some dish soap. Not to mention shampoo and body wash if fur-covered creatures even have the last one. Twilight had it backward when she told me about the cabin. The amenities were there. The basic daily essentials weren't.

Granny was outside watering the flowers when I got there.

"As I live and breathe, oh wait," she made a show of blowing on her hoof, "Yep, still breathin', and so is my granddaughter thanks to you."

"OK," I laughed at the cantankerous old mare, "let's just get the thank yous over with so we can return your dishes to the kitchen."

"Oh," Granny Smith groaned, "don't be a rotten apple. Ya done saved my kin! Ya don't think yer gonna get by with just a thank you. We better start with putting the dishes back."
Granny and I sat and talked for a good hour before I realized how close to noon it was, and Twilight's castle was a few miles away. Any longer and I would have to take the jeep. I wanted to save my gas until I had a for sure source of fuel.

"I better get going," I said, "I'm due for lunch with the princesses."

"Better not keep them waiting," She said, "just one more thing, gimme a minute."

I stayed at the table as she went to the other room and I heard her dig through box after box. When she finally returned she had two items. A skeleton key, and a small rectangular box.

"First," She said, "Here's the key to your house, in case you wanna lock up when you're away. We never had reason to, but we never lived in it. This is the only key, don't lose it. That Slag feller at the cart repair place can make a copy if you want, but it's your place now, we don't need one."

"Thanks," I said as I accepted the key.

"Don't mention it," She said, "The other thing is a little something I wanted to give you, a family heirloom," she presented the box. "This has been in the family for so long, even Golden Delicious has no record on who it was originally given to, or who it came from, but legend has it, it was given to the Apple family over 500 years ago, by a two-legged creature known only as Blade."

The hairs stood on the back of my neck at this. "Really?" I asked, "Odd coincidence, Blade is my last name."

"Well. Why did ya change it? Blade sounds better than Jerry." she seemed confused.

"No," I laughed, "I mean my family name. Like Apple is for you except rather than being the theme, it just goes after my first name, making my full name, Jerry Blade."

"That's a funny name," said Granny Smith, "and an odd coinkie... whatever. But it is just a legend, and all the creatures of these legends have names like that. Blade, Sharp, Keen... It's just a story. At any rate, it seemed fitting that I give this to you. I hope you like it."

I opened the box to find an old combat knife. The back of the blade was serrated, but the teeth were irregular. Like it had been done by a guy with a file and too much time on his hands. Otherwise, it was just like the one my dad kept in the glove box of the Jeep. I had taken that out. A decision I now regretted.

"It's nice," I said, "thank you."

"Don't mention it," She said, "My great, great, grandpa carried it in service to Celestia, maybe it will come in handy while your helpin' Twilight. Now ya better not keep the princesses waiting. I gotta start lunch fer Big Mac and Applejack. Take care now, and don't be a stranger. Oh, and grab that box by the door. It's a care package the girls put together fer ya. Applejack made a fuss about making sure ya had it A-S-A-P, but Big Mac was more worried that ya ate. I gotta say I was with Big Mac. Ya didn't even stop by for supper last night." I felt like that last comment was meant to scold me.

"Alright. See you later, Granny Smith," I said, "Thanks again and tell the girls I appreciate it."

I grabbed the box and ran home. I still had just enough time to walk to town.

Getting to the cabin I looked in the box. It was pretty much what I needed. Dish soap, dish rags, washcloths, towels, shampoo, and yes, body wash. I didn't even have to put up with bar soap.

They must have even talked to Rarity because a brand new set of clothes were folded at the bottom. I took the items out one by one and was amazed to find that Rarity had somehow found the time to make me a full suit. Complete with a black pinstriped jacket with silk lining. If she were on earth, she would put sweatshops out of business.

I hadn't showered in days, but I had no time, I had to walk to town.

I decided to drive. I'd just have to ask Twilight about setting up a still.

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