• Published 26th Feb 2018
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Blazing a Trail to the Past. - Daylight_Dreamer

After a freak accident, I wound up in equestria with a Jeep. Offroading where nobodys driven before. Or am I?

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9- Great! More questions, less answers.

Slag had already finished his work and connected the truck bed, now trailer to the back of the jeep. I was just searching the area for any debris when I heard a twig snap behind the bush where I found Apple Bloom.

"What was that?" I asked.

"I don't know," Sawdust said, "Could be timber wolves."

I heard 'wolf' and was already reaching for the .357 magnum revolver I kept under the driver seat.

Just to make one thing clear. I am not a military man. I don't even know that much about the jeep I drive. Just that it should have been retired long before my old man enlisted, the thing was built in the 40s, and the steel roof was custom for the job it did, transporting troops around a dense snowy woodland.

That being said I was raised by a military man. You pick up a few things. Like the definition of gun control. Using both hands, and aiming carefully at what you want to kill. Once you're sure you want to kill it that is, which means it better be about to kill you or taste delicious with gravy.

Just as I spun around from loading the weapon and looked down the eight-inch barrel I heard a voice and lowered it.

"There is no reason to fight or flee," came a deep exotic female voice, "It is only me. Sorry to give you a scare, I did not know how to say I was there. I was sent to look over this site, by our friend Twilight."

"You must be Zecora," I wasn't exactly sure how I knew that Twilight had mentioned something but for the life of me I couldn't remember what. Somehow I just knew that this was a zebra named Zecora. I had no doubt.

"Yes, this is true," Zecora confirmed. She was wearing her cloak and lowered the hood as she approached, "but, it seems Twilight neglected to give a name for you."

"Jerry," I said, "Jerry Blade."

"An unusual name to my ear," She laughed, "but you are not exactly from here. If a way back is to be found, please tell me. Where did you find Apple Bloom on the ground?"

"Just around that bush," I pointed, "where you just came from."

She looked at the bush and back at me, "Are you sure?" she seemed troubled by this. Enough that I don't think she even tried to think of a rhyme.

"Yea, why?" I asked.

She just stared at the bush wide-eyed before shaking herself out of it, "I must be sure to have the right spot, to see what door was unlocked. If a way to your home is to be found, the answer is there on the ground. Worry not, you've been through a lot. Go get some rest, it's my turn and I shall do my best."

"Just one more thing," I said, "Were you here before us? I swear I saw a pair of eyes when I pulled up."

"While I'll admit I hid for a bit," Zecora seemed to be thinking, "I found this place as you had it lit."

"Do you want us to stay out here in case they come back?" I offered.

"I appreciate the concern, but worry not," She assured me, "you're not the only crack shot." She lifted her leg to show the barrel of a gun.

"Wait..." I was shocked to see a pony with such a thing, but she cut me off.

"All will be clear when the time is right," she put a hoof up, "for now we must say goodnight. Twilight knows how to find me, now get back to her library. If I know Twilight, which I do, she's all worked up waiting for you."

"You have a point," I admitted. Twilight seemed pretty calm and collected to me, but I just met her. I took Zecora at her word. "take care."

Without another word, we climbed back into the Jeep and took off. I stowed the gun but left it loaded, I was a little on edge.

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