• Published 26th Feb 2018
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Blazing a Trail to the Past. - Daylight_Dreamer

After a freak accident, I wound up in equestria with a Jeep. Offroading where nobodys driven before. Or am I?

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58- Corkscrew rainboom with a full one eighty degree arch.

I felt the need to check my watch. I knew from the position of the sun before entering the tent that it was between five and six p.m., but the watch I had with me didn't exactly tell time. I had an hour and forty-five minutes left before turning back into a human. I was going to be putting on a show in a half hour. Everything was fine with that situation.

"Dad!" Scootaloo snapped me out of my own head, "You in there?"

"Sorry," I apologized, "What's up?"

"If Apple Bloom misses our show," Scootaloo repeated herself, "we can do it again at the farm, right?"

"Of course," I said, "it's the least we could do."

"That's awesome," Apple Bloom smiled, "You guys should go enjoy the party, this place is boring. I'll be out of here as soon as they let me go."

Scootaloo bit her lip.

"It's fine," Apple Bloom said, "I'm actually kinda embarrassed by the crowd. Ah, know Applejack's not going anywhere. So it's not like I'll be alone. Just remember ah expect to start seein' you fly regularly. How else are you gonna be a Wonderbolt someday?"

"Thank you," Scootaloo whimpered, "I really owe you."

"Ah was just doin' what seemed right," Apple Bloom said, "how 'bout this. Jerry fixed your wings, so ah was just payin' him back for savin' muh life."

"I guess that's fair enough," Scootaloo perked up a little, "I hope they let you out soon. I'll see you later."

We all wished Apple Bloom well and made our way out while we still had time to socialize. Harvest moon and Sweet Harvest went first with me and Scootaloo following a moment later.

I opened the tent door to find Harvest Moon trying to back away from a crazed Lyra.

"Don't try to fool me!" she said, "I saw you change on stage, I know you're Jerry. Did you really think a straw hat would fool me?"

"As handsome as he is," I announced my presence, "A close look at his back will prove you wrong."

She looked at me then back at Harvest Moon, then back at me. I flapped my wings to prove my point.

"Jerry!" She screamed and jumped at me, "I've waited so long to meet you."

I accepted a hug but let go after only a moment. She didn't.

"When do you get your hands back?" She asked still hanging from my neck.

"In an hour and a half," I decided to be honest, "could you let go? I don't want Gilda to get the wrong idea." I wasn't really concerned, but I had to bring it up sometime. I didn't want to lead Lyra on when I already knew what she wanted.

"Oh," she seemed instantly depressed as she sank to the ground, "that's why you didn't respond to Bon Bon's note. I was hoping you just didn't get it."

"I'm sorry to disappoint you," I said.

"It's fine," she said, but I could tell it wasn't. I didn't blame her. It's not my business to care how she got it, but I knew she had a hand fetish. I kinda had a monopoly on hands in Ponyville, and I wasn't interested. For some reason, I didn't think she was interested in Iron Will either.

I'm too loyal to even consider sleeping with anyone other than my partner. Unless of course, Gilda was involved... I wasn't going to tease myself by thinking that would happen. That daydream belonged on a tropical island when I'm supposed to be paying attention in class.

"It's not like we can't still hang out," I said, "unless that would bother you. I won't be offended if it does."

She took a deep breath, "I guess that will have to do."

We wandered the crowd looking for Gilda, and talking to ponies that stopped me. They all just wanted to say, "Hi," and ask for an autograph. Nopony seemed offended when I joked about, "bad mouth writing." Most of them were happy with hoof prints. Before we could decide what to do next, Scootaloo and I were called to the stage. I let the whole group follow since they could wait backstage with a good view of the show if they just stepped to the side.

Once all the blue ribbons were handed out Spitfire gathered us backstage and went over the routine. It was as simple as simple gets but that's good considering we had no practice flying as a team and we were about to do it in front of half of Equestria.

Everypony went silent as the show was announced as the closing ceremony.

Scootaloo walked out onto the stage, I followed stopping on her right side, Rainbow Dash came next stopping on her left, and Gilda came out last and hovered over Scootaloo.

I had asked Vinyl to play the song 'I'll follow you down' by Shinedown. She started it and as the tune began we slowly rose into the air as a group ending up well above the stage.

Once the lyrics started Scootaloo went into a nose dive and we followed with Rainbow Dash and I only falling a couple feet behind in the formation as Gilda positioned herself just behind that so we were in a diamond formation with Me and Rainbow moving in so our wings were almost touching just behind Scootaloo.

Scootaloo leveled out leading us into a path just a few feet over the crowd. We tilted up into a wide back-flip that tightened up so we ended up a couple yards higher. We stayed in formation at this altitude doing a few zig-zags and rolls until the song started to reach its climax and we flew way up above the clouds.

Now Rainbow Dash took the lead going into a nose dive followed by me, then Gilda, and Scootaloo in the back. Just as the song said, "I'll follow you down," for the last time before the very end we emerged out of the clouds with Rainbow doing a sonic rainboom just over the crowd.

The plan was for us to keep up as long as we could and then just follow the rainbow to the stage, but something interesting happened. I kept up, and just as I passed the spot Rainbow broke the sound barrier a second boom could be heard.

Rainbow looked back to see me still right behind her and did a spinning motion with her hoof followed by an ark. I nodded knowing exactly what she had in mind.

I caught up and locked hooves with her. We started spinning in unison and flew in an ark creating a twisted double rainbow over the crowd.

We slowed down and landed on the stage looking back to see Scootaloo and Gilda flying through the rainbows just as the song came to an end. They flew in and landed with us and we all took a bow as the audience screamed and stomped in applause.

As soon as the curtain closed I found myself buried under two ponies and a griffin.

"I take it you three enjoyed that," I laughed as I fought to get my head out and hug them all back.

They all tried to talk over each other. All I got was everyone saying 'awesome' somewhere in their answer.

"Good," I said, "Equestria waited too long for this Wonderbolt to put on a show. I think that was perfect."

"It sure was," Apple Bloom walked up from behind the stage.

"Apple Bloom!" We all shouted and ran up.

"Eeyup," she mimicked her brother, "ah think it's best if ah head home and rest, but they said it was fine for me to watch the show and let you guys know I'm just fine. Gotta take it easy so ah don't hit muh head again for a while, but that just means I get out of my chores." She giggled.

Scootaloo walked up slowly and nervously put a hoof over her friends back. Apple Bloom just smiled and pulled her in for a proper hug.

Scootaloo started crying, "I never want to see my friend's hurt again."

"Pardon muh language," Apple Bloom said, "but shit happens. If it didn't go this way ah would have been cryin' by your bed that you didn't get to fly on your big day. Ah'd take that hit for you all over again."

An awkward moment passed as Scootaloo clearly wanted to say something, but had nothing left to say.

"Ah better go," Apple Bloom said, "Ah'll see you tomorrow."

"Yea," Scootaloo said, "see you tomorrow."

We started making our own way off the stage, but Scootaloo stopped and looked at me, "I think I'm gonna go find Sweetie Belle and see if I can sleep over."

"I understand," I said, "Just remember to come home after school tomorrow. I did promise you a personal lesson."

She flew up and hugged me, "I love you, Dad."

"I love you, too," I said.

Then she hugged Gilda, "I love you, Mom."

"I love you, too," Said Gilda. Scootaloo squeed and flew off.

"So what are we doing now?" I asked, "I'm still a pony for an hour."

"Well considering we just have to make sure you're high when that happens," Gilda said, "I think the best thing to do is hit the after party."

A scream could be heard from just off stage as Lyra bolted up to meet us.

"You are coming to the after party!" she had clearly gotten over her depression, "I was just coming up to ask! Let's go together, Bon Bon is gonna be waiting."

I made sure to put my suit back on before we left the grounds, I hadn't been worried because I was getting used to not wearing pants as a pony. That being said, I didn't want to get caught turning human with my pants down.

The after party was at the club where Vinyl worked. Bon Bon greeted us right inside the door.

"Alright!" she said, "Now we can start the party! Let's get some drinks."

"Before I do anything," I said, "Where is the bathroom?" In all the excitement I hadn't realized I was holding my bladder.

Once in the stallion's room, I began to wonder why in Equestria ponies had "normal" toilets. Let's just say a squat toilet would do much better, and leave it at that.

Lyra and Bon Bon seemed to be trying to get Gilda to open up and have a drink when I came out.

"Just because we don't drink," I butted in, "doesn't mean we don't have fun."

"I guess we won't push you then," Lyra said defeated.

"A lot of ponies are hoping to see you," Bon Bon said, "Your friends set up an area in the V.I.P. room if you want to do a proper meet and greet. Ponies want autographs."

"I don't write without thumbs," I said.

"We probably should go there," Gilda chimed in, "I know you don't like the special treatment, but that is the smaller crowd, and we should get to smoking."

"Good point," I said remembering that one of the luxuries in the V.I.P. room was that it's the only smoking section other than a dingy room in the back. I don't think smoking was all ponies did back there.

I was expecting Twilight to lead the effort to bring the ponies to order, Bon Bon hadn't specified what friends had set this "area" up. So you can imagine my surprise when I got to the V.I.P. room and heard Slag amplifying his voice with his magic and doing a sort of radio DJ routine.

"Alright, Ponies!" He said, "we are still waiting to see if the guests of honor are coming. I for one wouldn't blame them for wanting to hit the hay after that amazing performance, but if you want to meet some of their best friends we are over here. Just remember there are a lot of other ponies so no shoving. My brother Sawdust and I have been Jerry's best friends since the night he arrived and we also have Rainbow Dash, a Wonderbolt and Gilda's bestie since Junior Speedsters flight camp. Did I mention she's also an Element of Harmony along with these lovely mares, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie, who happen to be our special someponies. Thank you all for coming, and have a good time."

I could tell where the sound was coming from so I started walking to it, but then seemed to remember that unicorns often throw their voice to the center of the group they want to hear them. A quick look around revealed them to be in the back left corner.

We walked across the somewhat crowded room to find that they had set a couple of tables together to section the area off and were lined up at it signing whatever ponies threw in front of them. Sawdust was clearly uncomfortable, but he was going along with it as ponies were indeed lining up to meet them all.

We had gotten across the room relatively unnoticed until one pony in line screamed, "There they are!"

I was about to run for it until Slag spoke up again, "Mares and gentlecolts the guests have arrived, if you would be so kind as to give them a path to these tables, and a few moments rest, I'm sure they will be willing to sign a few things before the night is out."

A wide path was made from us to the corner, I would have appreciated this if everypony wasn't beaming at me like they had the honor of making way for royalty. A couple gave a small bow. Then I had to face hoof as I passed a couple bat-ponies that bowed all the way to the floor.

"Come on back," Pinkie greeted us waving a hoof toward a couple chairs that were behind the ponies lined up at the table, "we mostly did this so you didn't have to deal with your fans until you're ready. We can keep them occupied, but you really should meet with a few."

I felt a vibration in my shirt pocket.

"I will," I said, "but not until I have thumbs again."

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