• Published 26th Feb 2018
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Blazing a Trail to the Past. - Daylight_Dreamer

After a freak accident, I wound up in equestria with a Jeep. Offroading where nobodys driven before. Or am I?

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56- Somepony is behind this...

"We're just gonna have to go for it," Sawdust suggested, "we have plenty of ponies to form a wall around her."

Sweet harvest had just regained her composure, but we had to get her to the track in time. Just on the other side of the V.I.P. section.

"I don't think so," something that happened earlier bothered me, "something is really wrong with this crowd. Scootaloo had no problem running through them earlier. It wasn't until around the time I jumped into the crowd."

"You're right," Pinkie confirmed, "I noticed that too. When Thunder Lane and Gilda walked by, everything was fine. Not five minutes later everypony starts asking for autographs from everypony. That's so weird."

"I have an idea," I cleared my throat and made sure to enunciate my next sentence, "I am not having fun!"

Just as expected Discord appeared at my side.

"What's wrong, Pal?" he asked, "is the crowd not lively enough?"

"Too lively," I said, "I'm not in the mood to give autographs and it seems unnatural for the ponies to be so adamant about getting them. All we want to do is get this pony back to the V.I.P. area."

"Well, why didn't you just say so?" Discord snapped his fingers and the entire group was transported to the V.I.P. section of the party, "I figured we may as well all come along. I'll be over by the bar. If you need anything else, just ask. I'll be listening."

"Doe's anyone see Scootaloo?" I asked, "She was in the crowd too. She's in the same race as Sweet Harvest..."

Everypony looked around but we couldn't see her from there.

"I should probably get to the lineup," Sweet Harvest said, "she's probably there waiting."

We all followed her past a small gate to an area filled with ponies in Wonderbolt uniforms. Most were genuine but several were ponies who paid extra to hang out with the Wonderbolts-they all seemed to think wearing a uniform was an original idea. The next race was about to start but it was the last full Wonderbolt class. The trainees went after that.

"Well she's not here," Gilda said, "but I'm sure she's on her way up. She can handle herself."

"She can," I said, "but I can't shake the feeling something is wrong with the crowd. I'm just going to do a fly-over."

I took off without another word. I didn't want her to get a good look at the terrified expression on my face. I was sure it was misplaced.

That's what I told myself anyway. 'I used to be a pony that got premonitions,' I thought, 'I'm just Jerry now. Jerry gets bad feelings all the time. They don't always mean anything... except they usually do turn out to be right. Not this time... it can't be right this time.'

I had just started looking around the crowd when I was swarmed by pegasi. Again, they all wanted my autograph.

I tried to double back to the V.I.P. section but I was cut off. I tried flying over them but I was totally surrounded. I am not a social person. My anxiety was reaching critical levels. I was moments away from flipping my lid and crippling enough ponies to make an escape route.

I managed to get a grip and just swear, "What the fuck! This is bullshit!"

"I dare say I agree," Discord appeared once more snapping his fingers and bringing me back to safety, "now I see why you felt the need to mention the crowd before. Everypony outside the V.I.P. area seems to be under some kind of enchantment. I must say I'm impressed. It's as if somepony cast a 'want it, need it' spell on the autographs of everypony famous."

"So you had nothing to do with this?" I had to ask.

"I wanted you to have a good time," He seemed upset, but not offended, "even I could tell you that you would hate this. I would do something like this for Spike... Rarity, maybe, but not you."

"So who would?" I asked, "and more importantly, how do we stop it?"

"I honestly don't know who would do such a thing," he said, "but I do have some pretty nifty tricks." He snapped his fingers, "let's see if that worked."

We were only a few feet across the gate so I just walked out and as soon as I crossed the line I was once again attacked. I backed out quickly and they stopped.

"Interesting," Discord was scratching his chin, "I don't know why I didn't notice that before, it's an area spell. Otherwise, they would be trying to jump the fence. 'Want it, need it' would affect the V.I.P.s as well. I can make you immune to it but we have to find the object at the center to stop it. Whoever is behind it went through a lot of trouble to make sure this area wasn't affected. That actually gives me a few ideas where to look. You go ahead and find that filly for her big racing debut, I'll see if I can fix this party for you. Area spells aren't generally too powerful, so yelling at them may make them stop, but we better hurry before ponies get violent." He snapped his fingers once and I could feel something wash over me, he snapped them again and disappeared.

I took off into the crowd again, this time without the trouble. I was still being watched, but not so obsessively. Scanning the crowd I saw a small pocket of ponies that seemed to be swarming around a central point. As I got closer a small green magic shield stammered into existence at the center.

As I got closer I saw crowd members turning around. I thought they were giving up until they started kicking the shield.

I was now close enough to confirm my fears that it was the Crusaders trapped in the crowd. I could see the painful expression on Sweetie Belle's face as she struggled to keep her shield up. Apple Bloom seemed to be trying to talk Scootaloo into flying away but she wouldn't budge.

I was almost there, ready to scoop them out and book it when Sweetie Belle lost her grip. In an instant, I saw Apple Bloom leaping toward Scootaloo just as the shield disappeared and a mare, who was trying to kick the shield, instead landed her hooves on the side of Apple Bloom's head. Apple Bloom landed on the ground unconscious, and I lost my shit.

"BACK THE FUCK OFF!!!" I screamed as I landed, "Unless you want a hoof against your own heads!!!"

I didn't even look to see if the crowd had listened, I stood directly over Apple Bloom and got a good look at the injury. Her neck didn't seem injured, but she clearly had a concussion. She needed a unicorn healer. They were the best at these delicate head injuries. I carefully lifted her off the ground making sure to cradle her head.

"Sweetie, get on my back," I ordered.

"Is she gonna..." I stopped her.

"I said, on my back," I repeated through tears, "we gotta get out of here now!"

She jumped on my back and I had Scootaloo lead the way so I could yell at anyone that bothered us. Once back in the safe area I took Apple bloom to the first aid station that had been set up in case of accidents where I was greeted by a familiar voice.

"Commander Daylight," Commander Calm Glider saluted me, "What can I do for you?"

I just laid Apple Bloom on the exam table and looked at him. He immediately dropped the salute and rushed to the injured filly.

"What happened to her?" He asked.

"She was kicked directly behind the left eye socket," the words came to me as if I were reading a script, "it was a grown mare, full force. Her left rear hoof landed just behind the left eye causing a small laceration as well as what appears to be a severe concussion. Her neck appears stable with no swelling or signs of fracture, but she's been unconscious for over ten minutes." I clearly didn't have the stomach I had in my old life. I was disgusted by the detail I was describing it in, yet I knew this was important for him to know what he was dealing with.

He donned rubber hoof covers and took a look for himself, "I see, I agree with your findings. I think we should call a unicorn in on this one. Doe's she have family we should notify?"

"I'll go find Applejack!" Scootaloo jumped in.

"No," I said, "you have a race to fly."

"I can't race now!" She argued.

I took a deep breath. "I didn't want to say this but you should know..." I bit my lip. I was really hoping she would just go fly, but she wasn't going to unless I told her the truth.

"What is it, Dad?" Scootaloo asked.

"She wouldn't have been the one hit," I cleared my throat, "but she jumped in the way when she saw the hooves going for your wing. She took the hit so you could fly. So do her a favor and fly. Don't feel like you have to win, but she's going to be totally pissed if she finds out you didn't at least try when she wakes up."

"She really took that hit for me?" Scootaloo asked amazed.

"I'm not surprised," Said Sweetie Belle, "She's always talked about wishing she could make a potion that would make it so you could fly. Now somepony has. She didn't want it taken away from you again."

Scootaloo was in disbelief. She clenched her tear-filled eyes shut, "I never asked her to do that!"

"Yer muh friend," came a week voice, "ah had to."

"APPLE BLOOM???" Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle rushed to their friend's side. Apple Bloom was keeping her head down but had opened her eyes. I had to bite my lip to steel myself when I noticed her left retina was detached, it was an easy fix, but betrayed the likelihood of severe damage.

"Ah'll be fine," Apple Bloom tried to assure her friends, "You two go have fun. Ah expect a crazy story... Well, one that don't include me gettin' kicked in the head." She gave a weak laugh.

"It's all my fault," Scootaloo cried, "I should have flown away when you told me to."

"No it's not," Apple Bloom argued, "and if ya really feel that way you can make up for it by not missing that race so it ain't for nothin'."

"That's right," Calm Glider said, "the Wonderbolt's in training are going to be up soon. You better get going, and she should really rest. Don't worry, she's in good hooves."

"I guess I better go then," Scootaloo wiped a tear away, "I'm gonna find a way to make this up to you."

"Just keep flying," Apple Bloom said, "Ah want a show when ah can see straight again."

"You got it!" Scootaloo said, "This race will be a good warm up. I'll see you later." Scootaloo hurried in the direction of the lineup.

"Don't run off alone!" Sweetie Belle followed.

"You should go watch the race," Calm Glider turned to me, "I can take it from here, I already sent my nurse to the Ponyville General Hospital to see if they can send a unicorn doctor for an emergency call."

"Alright," I reluctantly agreed, "but not before I send her sister this way."

"She does have a right to know..." He said, "just don't let her come flying in here causing a stir."

"I know," I said, "that's the last thing she needs."

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