• Published 26th Feb 2018
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Blazing a Trail to the Past. - Daylight_Dreamer

After a freak accident, I wound up in equestria with a Jeep. Offroading where nobodys driven before. Or am I?

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54- What's my motivation?

"That was amazing," Thorax cheered, "I didn't know Scootaloo could fly like that!"

"That's because she's only been able to fly for a few days," Spike said, "Jerry here had to whip up a potion to fix her wings."

"WOW!" Thorax dropped his jaw, "on top of everything else you told me over the mail, he also brews potions!"

"What have you been saying about me?" I asked in an irritated tone.

"Oh, you know," Spike seemed nervous, "Just that you saved Apple Bloom's life, have a vehicle that drives itself without magic, are over five feet tall, can turn into a pony-that was just last night when Thorax got here-, and now I told him about the potion you made for Scootaloo." Spike gave a big smile trying to look innocent.

"What's the big deal?" Ember asked, "He sent me the same letters."

"Nothing," I said, "I can't blame him for being honest. I just don't like to brag."

"You wouldn't last five minutes in the dragon kingdom with an attitude like that," Ember laughed, "That's ok though. He wouldn't last one." She pointed to Thorax.

"Well she would scare my whole hive," Thorax laughed.

"At least you can meet here and hang out with your old pal Spike," Spike referred to himself in the third person. I was surprised he left 'the brave and glorious' out.

"It's cool that two creatures that have so little in common can be such good friends," I said.

"That's the beauty of it," Thorax said, "She teaches me to be assertive..."

"...and he teaches me to be good at friendship," Ember cut him off, "So where is the snack table? I'm hungry."

"Right this way," Spike lead the group back to where he found me making sure to point out the bowl of gems set out at the end of the table.

They both started pigging out. I felt the need to cover my ears from the crunch of gemstones. It sounded like a pile of glass being smashed by a group of kids with hammers.

"So, how are you two liking Ponyville?" Thorax asked.

"It's cool," Gilda answered first since I was still covering my ears, I let go when I noticed they were talking, "I like being closer to Rainbow Dash, but I miss a couple of my griffin friends."

"You can always go visit them," Thorax said, "I bet Jerry misses somepony from earth."

"Nobody alive," I muttered.

"What was that, Dweeb?" Gilda asked.

"Oh, nothing," I said, "I really didn't leave much on Earth, I miss a few of my coworkers a bit but I'd hardly call them friends."

"Well if you ever feel the need to talk to somepony," Thorax said, "my hive holds a feelings forum, and you're always welcome."

"That's good to know," I said, "I would like to see your hive sometime."

"Just drop on in," He said excited, "we won't even care if you're human or pony. If anypony understands the need to change it up once in a while, it's the changelings."

"That's good," Gilda chimed in, "There is no way I'm carrying him that far." We all laughed, but I was pretty sure she wasn't joking.

"Speaking of that," Ember chimed in, "If you can turn into a Pegasus. Why didn't you join in the show?"

"I wasn't ready to show off in front of Equestria," I said.

"So when will you be?" Gilda asked, "You've had a lifetime."

"I guess it's something I should consider," I admitted, "but being the best never interested me. So what am I really showing off?"

"I think you're missing the point," Spike gave me a questioning look, "but nopony is saying you have to show off. Just that the entire crowd would love it if you did."

"Mom! Dad!" Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash came flying up. Scootaloo hugged Gilda for a good moment before hanging herself from my shoulders and hugging so tight I almost choked.

"She's just like her big sis!" Rainbow beamed, "She just found her wings, and she's ready to fly laps around the competition."

"Great job, kid," I decided to just keep hugging Scootaloo back. She showed no sign of letting go.

Scootaloo whispered in my ear, "Are you gonna fly today? Because I really wanna fly with you."

"You know I'm not big on this trick flying," I said. I was far from saying no, but I needed a little encouragement, She would have to convince me.

"I do," She giggled, "That's why I asked the Wonderbolts a favor."

"What did you do?" I was suspicious now.

"Just wait..." she just smiled and nodded to the DJ booth.

"Alright everypony!" Vinyl came over the speakers, "Could I please have your attention?" She paused as the crowd settled down, "The Wonderbolts have a special event planned for you. We're all familiar with how the Wonderbolts perform, but today they plan to show you how they train! If you look directly above you, you will see an exact replica of the obstacle course at the Wonderbolts HQ. For once we get to see which of these ponies is fastest, who can handle the turns, and in the end, a few lucky pegasi from the crowd will get to try for themselves. The show will start in a half hour. For now, could we have the guests of honor come to the DJ booth to discuss the starting line up? Interested pegasi can line up by the stage for a special drawing."

I held Scootaloo out so I could look her in the eye. She had a smile on her face but she couldn't seem to look back at me.

"You actually convinced them to do this?" I asked. My own smile was evident in my tone.

"I really wanted to fly with you," she finally looked me in the eye, her smile grew massive, "I know it's not your style, but I kinda wanted to do it while everypony was watching. They should get to see it."

"I better get to the DJ booth," I said.

"Yea," Scootaloo said, "I need to get to the stage. Rainbow Dash and I are in charge of the drawing to see who else gets to try." She flapped her wings and lifted out of my arms.

Gilda and I started walking to the DJ booth.

"Do you even have any potion with?" Gilda asked.

I pulled a small metal flask with an oversized lid from my coat. "I started carrying five hours worth around once I learned I could do more than that and still be fine. I got the flask from Zecora. The lid doubles as a shot glass. Each shot is a half hour. It's not like I haven't been keeping the pain killer handy for years,"

"Fair enough," she sighed, "I don't like the idea, but I trust you won't make the same mistake you did the first time."

"No," I said, "I enjoy living. Death by painful transformation would be a shitty way to go."

Spitfire and Soarin were waiting by the DJ booth.

"So are you really up for this?" Soarin asked, "nopony would blame you for backing out."

"Don't worry, Clipper," I said, "I'm ready to show you up again."

"I'm sure you are, Crunch," Spitfire laughed, "We have the Wonderbolts grouped up based on rank. Some of the new recruits wanted in so we gave them their own class. The only other thing is that the crowd needs to know who you are. It isn't exactly common knowledge that you used to be a Wonderbolt yourself."

"So what are you suggesting?" I asked.

"Hear me out now," I felt a wave of dread as Spitfire cleared her throat, "We go up on stage, I announce the starting lineup, We decided on descending order by class. The crowd members go last so we put them after the newbies. That means we go first. So I say 'First is the best of the best Wonderbolts. Soarin, Rainbow Dash, Surprise, myself, and,' you drink the potion during a drum roll, and I say, 'Jerry, also known as Commander Daylight Dreamer of the very first Wonderbolts medical unit.'"

"You think they'll buy that?" I asked.

"Why wouldn't they?" She asked. "it was on the posters advertising our show at your party. Pinkie even made us some hologram ones that have both of your faces."

She pulled a poster out and moved it side to side to reveal the picture of me switching from pony to human. She held it still so I could read the text, 'Don't miss the exciting high flying action of the Wonderbolts as they put on a show for the reincarnated founder of the Wonderbolts Medical unit and welcome him back in their ranks as an honorary commander.' The rest was just the when and where.

"You sure you didn't want to give them my address and cigarette brand?" I asked.

"That's on another poster," She said reaching like she had another with her.

"WHAT?!?" I was shocked.

"Relax, Crunch," She laughed, "I'm kidding."

"You're lucky I'm too nice to use your nickname," I said, "It's so much worse than mine."

"We better stay on subject," Spitfire tried to pretend her face wasn't totally red, "The drawing is almost done and we have a show to put on."

"Just one thing about this presentation," I said,

"What's that?" She asked.

"Can I be behind a curtain when I transform?" I said, "My clothes don't exactly change with me."

"You didn't seem to mind the last time," she said.

"Less than half of Equestria was watching," I pointed out.

"Pardon me," Rarity butted in.

"Where did you come from?" I asked.

"I was actually looking for you when I heard the announcement," She panted, "I'm glad I caught you because I forgot to tell you an important detail about your new wardrobe. I had Twilight help me with it. It's actually two in one. When you drink that potion of yours, as soon as it stops fitting it will be replaced with an identical outfit made to fit you as a pony. It's very complicated but we did find a way to test it, darling. It works flawlessly. You may want to take the pants and coat off to fly properly, but the shirt and vest were specifically made so that you could wear them and keep a joint in the shirt pocket. Wouldn't want to find yourself changing back too far from your medicine."

"And you're just telling me now?" I asked.

"I wanted it to be a surprise," she blushed, "Then I got so excited about making a dress for a Griffin... It totally slipped my mind."

"Well you told me in time," I said, "Thank you, I'm sure it wasn't easy and this is perfect. I owe you one."

"Oh, pish posh," She waved a hoof, "just go put on a show. I'll get what I want out of it when half of Equestria sees you transform in one of my fabulous creations."
The announcement on stage went without a hitch, I was surprised when the suit changed. It didn't transform but rather just as Rarity said, it was replaced. It wasn't exactly instant. I could feel the pony suit on me as soon as I was the right dimensions, but the human suit took a moment to disappear. Being that I'm bigger as a human, it just looked awkward for a moment and didn't cause any problems.

I checked my pockets after leaving the stage, everything I had was moved to the new pockets but I noticed something in the shirt pocket that wasn't there before. I pulled it out to reveal what looked like a pocket watch and a rolled up piece of paper. The watch looked like it read seven-o'-five, but the numbers were backward, so it would be four fifty-five, but it was only two so it was off however you looked at it and I couldn't find any way to set it. I was confused until I unrolled the paper and found a note.

We hope to have you as a friend for a good long time. So we managed to make you a timer for your transformations. It will vibrate every five minutes starting thirty minutes before you change back.

Happy Flying and we hope the joint rolled into this note is to your liking.

With love,
It was hoof signed by pretty much everypony I knew. It must have been one hell of a collaboration.

I really felt special. To think they managed to make a timer that knew exactly when I needed to land and chained it to a shirt made to be aerodynamic and stylish.

I had found my motivations, and then some. I was ready to put on a show the likes of which had never been seen before.

Just as soon as I was done showing the others how the obstacle course is supposed to be run.

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