• Published 26th Feb 2018
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Blazing a Trail to the Past. - Daylight_Dreamer

After a freak accident, I wound up in equestria with a Jeep. Offroading where nobodys driven before. Or am I?

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45- Time to fly, Kiddo

"You in any hurry to get home?" Sawdust asked.

I was still at the shop with Sawdust. It was about noon. I had to get home in time to make an early supper, but that was my only commitment.

"Not really," I said, "Why do you ask?"

"I could use some help with a special delivery," he said, "I'd rather not ask my brother."

"Alright," I said, "how can I help?"

"I need that box loaded on the truck," he said, "and I'd rather not explain what's in it." He pointed a hoof at a large wooden box. It was a good four feet long, and two feet wide.

"Don't worry," I said, "I won't drill you... It's a gift for Pinkie isn't it?"

"Just shut up and take that end," he said.

I braced myself and lifted one end of the box. It was heavy, but not as heavy as expected. We easily loaded it onto the back of his new vehicle.

The lid was open just a crack allowing a few shreds of colorful paper to slip out.

"Shit," Sawdust said, "I thought I had it shut tight."

"Confetti?" I laughed, "I should have known."

He looked ashamed. "I make a lot of sawdust in my work," he defended, "it only made sense to recycle it into paper."

"You, my friend," I laughed examining the high-quality confetti that had fallen out, "are a genius. A frugal one at that. You go deliver this. I won't get in the way if Pinkie wants to thank you. I should grab lunch and go start supper."

"I was hoping you would come along," he said, "she's been hinting at things I'm not ready for." He was clearly embarrassed. The look on his face said that I was the only one he trusted with this information.

"Dude?" I asked, "really?"

He looked down, "I'd rather wait longer OK. If you wanna push me I'll go alone, but, I was hoping you would understand."

I thought about this, I didn't have all day, but this was my best friend asking a favor. I decided to get lunch at Sugarcube Corner.

"I'll go," I said, "but I have to head home from Sugarcube Corner. So I'll follow you."
We entered the sweet shop and were greeted by Mrs. Cake.

"What can I do for you, dearies?" She asked.

"I was hoping to talk to Pinkie," Sawdust said.

Mrs. Cake seemed to give a knowing smile, "Just one moment," she said before shouting, "Pinkie! You have guests!"

Out of nowhere a pink blur knocked Sawdust on his back. I could see why he was concerned, she looked like she was about ready to go at it in the entryway of Sugarcube Corner.

"I'm so happy to see you," she said, "I was afraid you weren't coming back after I blew it last time."

"You didn't do anything wrong," he assured her, "I'm just not a normal stallion."

"I'm sorry," she said climbing off of him, "I don't always know how to show how I feel outside of a party, and I wanted to know you felt the same." Her smile actually seemed to fade, "I really thought I blew it when you hurried out."

"I'll be honest," he said, "you almost scared me off. I thought about it though and realized you weren't the type of mare to just make an offer like that. You really do like me. I decided it was time to show that I like you. Follow me."

I felt a little like a third wheel at this point, but he was about to give Pinkie Pie a giant box filled to the brim with ammo for her party cannon. I had to see this before leaving.

We walked out to Sawdust's truck. I helped him unload the box and he had Pinkie lead us the back way into her apartment. Once inside we set it down.

"What is it?" Pinkie asked excitedly placing an ear on the giant box.

Sawdust just produced a claw hammer out of nowhere and pried the lid open.

Pinkies eyes were about to pop out of her head, the unnaturally bright reflection of the colored paper made them look like giant kaleidoscopes. "Where did you get all this?" She asked.

He looked at his hooves embarrassed. "I always have sawdust to clean up," he said, "and I know you always need more confetti, so I made it for you."

"You can make confetti!" Pinkie asked, "No way! This isn't the cheap stuff either." Pinkie dove head first into the box, her head emerging as if the box were much deeper and she was swimming, "it's light and fluffy, but tough enough to handle gunpowder. I love you..." she covered her mouth, "IT! I love IT! Thank you. I just wish I had something for you. The bakery doesn't exactly make nails."

"I do love custard pie," Sawdust teased.

"Look at the time," I finally decided to blow the scene, "I gotta get supper started early. I don't even have time for lunch. You lovebirds have fun." I had to tease but I was kinda hoping my own love bird was home when I got there.
I was just getting out of the jeep in front of my cabin when a taxi pulled up beside me.

"Ah see you're just gettin' home too," Granny Smith said from her seat in the back, "Ah won't keep ya. Ah think this is yours though. Been at the bottom of Golden Delicious's pile for who knows how many moons."

Granny reached into her bag and held out a book with her mouth. It was journal number three. I was stunned.

"Thank you Granny," I said taking the book, "did you have fun?"

"Oh, it was a real shindig," she laughed, "Ah better git home. Ah need a nap after all that travelin'."

"Catch you later," I said.

"Bye," she said as the cab sped off.

I looked at my watch and realized it was almost 3. I figured I better just throw some sandwiches together before Scootaloo got home.

Entering the cabin, however, I was greeted by the smell of garlic and herbs. Gilda was apparently back from wherever she had gone.

"There you are, Dweeb," she said, "I thought I'd have to hurry back before you started something for supper."

"Yea," I said, "I lost track of time hanging out with Sawdust. Whatcha making?"

"Penne with garlic tomato sauce," she said, "I got some sausage for us, but I'm obviously not putting it in the sauce. You'll have to add your own."

"Makes sense," I said, "What brought this about?"

"Well we gotta eat," she said, "Just because Scootaloo is a pony, doesn't mean we have to go vegetarian. So I ran to the Griffinstone Grocery. I remembered you scarfing that spaghetti at the Wonderbolts and thought I'd try my grandma's recipe."

She did look ready to be a mother. I valued my life too much to say that to her face though.

"It smells amazing," I said.

"It'll only be a few moments," she said, "should be right after Scootaloo gets here."

"School just got out five minutes ago," I said, "she took her scooter, but how fast do you think she can go? The town is a couple miles away."

"In about 3, 2, 1..." Gilda chuckled as the door burst open.

"Hi dad, hi mm... Gilda," she said parking her scooter just inside the door. I had put a mat down so she didn't have to leave it outside, "what's for supper?"

"Pasta," Gilda answered, "you're gonna wanna carbo-load now that you're starting training."

"Did somepony say training?" Rainbow Dash asked walking in the door Scootaloo had left open, "because I can't wait either."

"Rainbow Dash!" Scootaloo gave her sister a big hug.

"Hey there, Scootaloo," she hugged back, "Hey, Gilda. Hey, dad."

"Don't tell me your gonna start calling him dad?" Gilda scoffed.

"Why not?" Rainbow asked, "he is my sister's dad."

"That's what I said," Scootaloo chimed in.

"Because that would make me 'mom'," Gilda pointed out.

Scootaloo was smiling. Rainbow seemed to think about it before saying, "Mooooom, is supper ready? I'm hungry."

"Shut up," Gilda sounded like she was failing to be annoyed, "or you don't get any."

"Sending me to bed hungry?" Rainbow teased, "harsh. Why not just ground me?"

We all laughed at that, even Gilda.

"Well the food is done," Gilda said, "can somepony grab the plates and forks? I'll just set it out on the table."

Ironically-due to her phrasing-I got up and helped her bring the food and utensils into the living room as Scootaloo sat in the chair next to mine-her favorite seat-and Rainbow sat across the table from her on the couch next to Gilda's spot.

Once everyone dished up I got a fork and dug in. I thought I was going to cry on my first taste. It was so amazingly good. The noodles were perfectly done, the sauce was seasoned just right and she even made garlic bread that was toasted to perfection.

"Where the hell did you learn to cook?" I asked, "this is great."

"I learned a thing or two from the chef I used to deliver for," she said, "Dude is a genius with a kettle."

I felt like a daydream was about to set in, but the feeling seemed to fade.

Once we were done I presented Scootaloo with the green potion and she drank it down.

"Let's go see if you can fly yet," Rainbow said excitedly before catching herself, "we just gotta remember not to try too hard."

On the way to the door, Scootaloo had an odd look on her face until she started saying, "Later dad, Later Gilda."

"Later kiddo," I said, "good luck."

"Later, Scoot. By the way," Gilda seemed to rethink what she was about to say, but didn't stop, "I don't mind if you call me mom. I'm actually interested to see the looks this family gets from ponies. You'll call me Mom and They're gonna be all like, 'but they're not even the same species' then he walks up and you call him Dad. It'll be priceless."

Right then and there Scootaloo flapped her wings and flew across the cabin to hug Gilda, "Thank you, Mom," She let go but was still hovering a few inches off the ground as she spoke, "I can't wait to start flying, but even if I never do, that's ok. I still have an amazing family."

We were all just watching her gesture with her whole body as she spoke. It was as if she didn't realize her feet were off the ground as she swung them about emphasizing every word she said.

I stood up and approached her. She instinctively met my eye level. Her smile was enormous.

"Since when were you as tall as me?" I asked.

"What are you..." Scootaloo looked down and finally figured it out. She did a few laps around me before throwing herself around my neck, "I love you," she let go and flew out the door shouting behind her, "you coming? Rainbow Dash?"

"Be right out!" Rainbow Dash shouted before turning to me, "From one element of loyalty to another... Thank you. I would say you have no idea how big flying is to a pegasus, but you do know. So just, thank you." She threw a hoof around me for a second before speeding out.

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