• Published 26th Feb 2018
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Blazing a Trail to the Past. - Daylight_Dreamer

After a freak accident, I wound up in equestria with a Jeep. Offroading where nobodys driven before. Or am I?

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37- A date in the clouds.

Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash went off to spend the night at Rainbow's cloudaminium. Gilda helped them figure out a few exercises that would help Scootaloo's wings get stronger without overworking them so she could start preparing to fly right away. She was already talking about flying over the party if she can learn fast enough.

Rainbow went on and on about how Scootaloo would be able to visit her place more often. I had to laugh to myself about just how much her new bedroom was actually getting used.

At least now Gilda and I had more time to talk. I had kinda dropped the ball on telling her about my old life over breakfast. I felt like I should make up for it.

I looked out the window, the sun was starting to set, "It's been a long couple days," I said, "Would you mind watching the sunset with me?"

"Sure," She gave me a funny look as I took my shirt and shoes off and poured myself a drink into a measuring cup.

We went out the front door and she looked at me, "So where do you wanna sit?"

"Up there," I pointed to a cloud.

"I can get you up there," She said, "but I can't make a cloud hold you."

"Good thing you don't have to," I downed the contents of the measuring cup which I had poured out of the canteen.

"Holy shit!" Gilda said as I was once again transformed into a black coated pegasus with a dark blue mane.

"I have one hour," I said, "and I'm gonna need that pipe when I change back because the pain killer in the potion doesn't last that long. Mind carrying it? I'm used to having pockets... and thumbs." I was struggling out of my pants as I said it. The pre-loaded pipe was falling out of my pocket, guess I didn't think it through as far as I thought.

"Let me help you," Gilda grabbed my pants and let me step out of them.

"I feel a little exposed," I laughed as I swayed by midnight blue tail back and forth. I waited as Gilda folded my pants and set them on my jeep's hood, "shall we? I'd race you but I haven't used these things in six hundred years."

Gilda insisted I go first, so she was under me if I fell. I was a little shaky at first, but by the time I was to the cloud, I did a couple of laps and a flip before landing on it.

"Wow," Gilda said, "That's actually really good. I know it's not really your first time, but still."

"Yea," I laughed, "I was never the best flyer in the 'bolts, but Easy Glider didn't like flying with anypony else. Especially after I saved his life." That came out of nowhere.

"Yea," she said, "That is how I heard you got that medal. Easy Glider put it in his will that any tributes to him should include it. That's why it's on his shelf. He had come down with Swamp Fever from what they say, but there is no record of it."

A memory flashed before my eyes. Not like the daydreams. More like I was just remembering.

I remembered seeing Easy Glider on the floor of a hut. He was burned over much of his body, his wings were broken, and his left foreleg had a large gash in it. I wasn't in much better shape myself. That's all I remembered though.

"Let's go with that," I said, "He isn't the only one I saved, either. As far as the Wonderbolts knew, I just got them to the healers. A Wonderbolt brewing potions was unheard of, much less the full-blown field hospital I set up in the woods. They weren't as accepting back then. I was almost thrown out and stripped of that medal when they caught me. If it weren't for Easy Glider... I would have been."

"I guess there wasn't a 'Princess of friendship' back then, huh?" Gilda teased.

"There wasn't even a Princess of the Night," I reminded her, "And Celestia was kinda busy figuring out how to do both. She would never have let it get as bad as it was, but by the time she knew anything was going on. She didn't know how to stop it. Nopony did."

I was kinda hoping she asked more. In this form, the memories came as I needed them. It was much better than being sucked into a daydream and one huge question had not even been touched on. Who the fuck were we fighting?

I tried to remember on my own but saw only ponies.

"I'm just glad I didn't know about this before," Gilda said.

"Why is that," I asked.

"Because," she took a deep breath and let it out with a loud sigh, "I got to know you as who you are now... Well, you know what I mean. I didn't meet you knowing you were once Daylight Dreamer. So when I say I love you..." she paused but only briefly, "I know it's for who you are now, not who you used to be."

"I love you too, Gilda," I smiled, "but let's not get all sappy, I only have like forty-five minutes before we gotta land and smoke that pipe, and I bet I can beat you to that cloud over there."

"You're on, Dweeb," I guess Applejack and Rarity aren't the only ones allowed to call me by a pet name. I kinda liked this one.

Gilda and I raced from cloud to cloud around the cabin. She beat me every time but gave me a few pointers before each go.

Just as I was about to beat her to a cloud I felt a pain in my ribs and I knew I was in trouble. I forgot to watch the time. I started slowing down and losing altitude. I just barely managed to land on a cloud before my wings gave out. I doubled over as the pain shot around my back. I was grateful that the cloud was still holding me, but I was still a pony, so far...

Gilda landed behind me and kinda pulled me into her lap, "You OK?"

"I need to get to the ground and smoke that pipe, I don't have much time," I cringed as another pain shot through my entire rib cage, it started working its way down all four legs.

"Then let's skip a step," Gilda suggested, "Smoke! I'll hold you so you don't fall."

She didn't wait for my response. She just shoved the pipe in my mouth and held a lighter to it. I didn't resist. I knew she would catch me. I felt myself drift off to sleep as the pain slowly faded away.

I woke up just a few moments later to Gilda hovering over me with an awestruck look on her face. I sat up and noticed the ground was spongy.

"What's going on?" I asked before looking around, "Why are we still on a cloud?"

"I didn't want to move you until you were done changing. So I was just holding you by your arms so you didn't fall," Gilda said, "but you're legs never fell through the cloud. So I just... let you nap. Take it from me and Dash, there's no better place to nap than on a cloud."

"I guess I must still count as a pegasus," I said, "Humans sure can't do this." I stood up and looked around, the night sky was amazing without all the clouds in the way. I sat back down after feeling the breeze, "I'm still naked?"

"I wasn't about to leave you up here just to get those ridiculous pants you always wear," She teased, "Especially when I always wanted my first time to be on a cloud." She gave me a bedroom look.

"I ah," I didn't know what to say to that, "I..." She shushed me and put a claw on my bare shoulder. Her talons were sharp but not as sharp as I expected. I got the impression she would have to mean it for them to cut in.

"I think it's a little late to pull the different species card," she teased, "Look. I won't speak for you but I've wanted you since the day we met. At first, I thought it was just because I don't like most ponies or griffins, and you're neither, but you got stuck in my head. So when you ordered food I couldn't wait to see you so I had both days worth of deliveries covered so I could come two hours early. I got so embarrassed I made up that story about Grandpa Gruff. I was going to camp out so I could surprise you with that bacon the next day but then you invited me to stay and going to the club...I really just wanted a drink to clear my head. I thought we would get drunk and I'd find a reason to stop falling for you. The whole telling ponies we were together was just a way to keep ponies off our backs, but after a bit, it started sounding good. I started wanting it to be true. That's why I came back, I couldn't stop thinking about it. Now that I know you feel the same...." She trailed off.

I put an arm around her and leaned in just to hug her, but she had another idea. An idea that I was done arguing with. One could reason that it was our third date.
We woke up the next morning to a knock at the front door.

"I'll get it, Dweeb," Gilda said, "You can take your sweet time getting dressed."

I just laid in the bed a moment longer as she went to answer it. This super comfy mattress suddenly seemed hard after a nap in the clouds. I wondered if I could have a cloud bed made for my cabin, or if that was strictly a cloud home thing.

I was just starting to sit up when I heard Rarity's voice. Listening close I could just make out what she was saying. Gilda, on the other hand, could be heard clear as a bell.

"I told you I don't want one," Gilda was the first voice I heard.

"But, Darling," Rarity retorted, "you are going to be Jerry's date, you must have a stunning new gown to wear. Don't worry about bits. It's my gift, to you."

"I still don't want a stupid dress," Gilda raised her voice.

"Come now," Rarity was keeping her composure like a true lady, "let me work my magic before you call it stupid. I already have a few sketches ready if you would like to see them. Trust me. Jerry will not be able to look away."

"Really," Gilda said, before a pause, "I guess I could rock this. If you have to, just make this quick."

"Just hold still," Rarity sounded pleased, "This will only take a moment."

I took my time getting dressed. I had a feeling Gilda would get embarrassed if I walked in on her doing something as uncool as having her measurements taken. I waited until I heard Rarity speak again.

"There we are," Rarity said, "That wasn't so bad, was it? Now, we are all going to the spa on Saturday to have our manes and hooves done. We would like it very much if you would at least join us in the steam room. I would be happy to cover any treatments you care to have done, they do offer deep tissue massage. I know Rainbow Dash always gets one before every show to loosen up."

"I'll think about it," Gilda said.

I decided to make my appearance. Rarity and Gilda both looked to the bedroom door as I walked out of it.

"Of course we would love to have the guest of honor join us at the spa," Rarity said, "If you aren't busy Saturday night."

"I never have had a real message," I said, "I'm in."

"I guess if he's going," Gilda said, "I should probably get my claws done too, I can pay for myself though."

"Not a word of that," Rarity emphasized with a small hoof stomp, "It's my treat, I insist. After all, this is also you're 'welcome to Ponyville' party."

"I do not want a party," Gilda protested.

"You think I did?" I asked.

"I was wondering about that," Gilda said.

"I'm afraid with Pinkie Pie around," Rarity sighed, "parties are not optional. However, she has made a fair compromise and simply added it to the festivities of Jerry's party."

"I guess that's not so bad," Gilda said, "It's not like I don't enjoy parties."

"Well," Rarity said, "now that that's all settled. I must be off. Take care, and I'll see you at the spa."

"Well that was interesting," Gilda said, "I'm gonna have to get used to these ponies."

"They mean well," I laughed.

"Too well if you ask me," Gilda scoffed, "It's all too much when you grew up in a place where everyone is out for your bits."

"I can relate," I laughed, "That show from earth I told you about. The reason a lot of people like it is that it portrays a world where everyone gets along for the most part. Humans don't always get along. Not even for the most part, but when they do, great things happen."

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