• Published 26th Feb 2018
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Blazing a Trail to the Past. - Daylight_Dreamer

After a freak accident, I wound up in equestria with a Jeep. Offroading where nobodys driven before. Or am I?

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11- Surprise!

The first thing I noticed about the cabin was the wood panel ceiling. Don't get me wrong, the furniture was very nice, but I was knocked on my back by an orange blur the moment I tried to look around.

"Thank you," Sobbed the blur, "Ah don't know what ah'd do without muh sister."

"You must be Applejack," I said.

"Sure am," She got up and backed away, blushing a little, "Ahm sorry about that, I've just been waiting to meet you for hours. Ever since Twilight told me what happened."

"Don't worry about it," I said, "I understand. I just wish I could have gotten some sleep first. I'm not too talkative when I'm tired."

"About that," She stepped back and waved her hoof across the room as though presenting the couch she stood next to.

"SURPRISE!!!" all three ponies shouted.

"This is your home for as long as you need it," Applejack announced, "it's the least we can do, we don't need it, and this way you got a place to call your own."

I looked around the cabin. It was actually really nice, the main room had a couch and two chairs set around a coffee table with a fireplace just past the end of it. Four more rooms were positioned two on each side, on the right one was clearly the kitchen as it was more of an opening than a door, and I could see a stove within, the other door to the right was open and I was relieved to see a normal looking toilet and shower. The doors to the left were closed but I felt safe assuming they were bedrooms.

"Really?" I had to ask, but I had all but figured it out outside. "This is a nice setup."

"Ah was hoping you liked it," She said, "It was the only thing ah could think to offer that even came close to starting to repay your kindness."

"Well, I wouldn't want to impose." I said, "You sure about this? Twilight says I may be here a while."

She looked to Twilight then back to me, "Ah know, and this is your place as long as you need it. Meal times are six a.m., noon, and eight p.m., at the main house. If you're late, you have to make do with leftovers, but Granny always makes plenty if you don't mind re-heating it. We're happy to have you."

"Thank you," I said, "I will be very comfortable here, as much as I would have appreciated a room at the castle, I couldn't say the same."

"I had a feeling," Twilight giggled, "That's why I looked into this first. The castle is great but I still miss the feeling of home I had at my old library."

"It's really too much," I said, "Thank you."

"If you think this is too much," Applejack laughed, "you're gonna be downright annoyed by the time WE feel like we're even. You haven't even met Big Macintosh or Granny Smith. They have their own plans."

"Just please say it can wait till afternoon," I yawned, "I need sleep and the sun is already coming out."

"Of course," Twilight said, "it took some convincing, but I knew you would be tired so I talked them into waiting. They will want to know if you need anything for the house though. It's furnished, but for use as a cabin, not a dwelling, you will find a few amenities missing."

"Eeyup," came a deep voice at the door.

"Big Mac!" Applejack scolded, "you should be in bed."

"Actually," He said, "It's breakfast time, Granny thought Jerry would be hungry. Ah told her we should let him sleep but she wouldn't let it go until I agreed to deliver some eggs and toast."

My stomach growled at the sound of food. "I could eat, thank you," was all I could think to say as he set a plate on the table in front of my chair.

"Eeyup," He nodded at me, then looked to his sister, "I'll take care of the chickens to buy you a couple hours sleep. I better get to work," he looked at me, "I left a little something in the dresser drawer, in case you can't get to sleep. See you later."

"Later," I said, "Thanks again."

"Ah, suppose ah better get that sleep while ah can," Applejack yawned, "It's not too often Big Mac offers to cover my chores. When he says a couple hours, that's the most I can hope for." She headed out right behind her brother.

Twilight was the only one left, sitting across the table from me on the couch.

"I suppose I can let you sleep too," she was clearly reluctant to go, I didn't blame her. For the first pony I really met I felt like we hardly talked.

"Do you smoke weed?" I asked. She took a moment to register the question.

"On occasion," she answered.

I pulled my pipe and stash out of my coat. "I think me showing up counts as an occasion, and I'd rather not smoke alone. You game?"

"Sounds logical to me," she giggled as I finished my eggs and toast and loaded the bowl. I wasn't ready for the princess to go yet either.

I had to get at least one answer.

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