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Blazing a Trail to the Past. - Daylight_Dreamer

After a freak accident, I wound up in equestria with a Jeep. Offroading where nobodys driven before. Or am I?

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14- Windows and doors, to other worlds.

The Crusaders took the whole cartoon thing surprisingly well. Even seeming excited about being famous in a different world.

"We should probably tell Twilight," Sweetie said.

"Yea," Scootaloo agreed, "But we already plan to meet up with her later. We may as well just show Jerry around town first. Like we planned."

She seemed to be eager to spend time with me, or at least didn't want the plans to change. She was hugging me as she said it, which seemed strange, but I couldn't help running my fingers through her mane. I expected soft, I got greasy. Something was wrong here that the show wasn't gonna show. I took a mental note to keep an eye on Scootaloo. I wasn't going to tell them, but she was my favorite Crusader.

"You have a point," Sweetie agreed, "let's start with the boutique. Rarity is gonna want his measurements right away."
Aside from Rarity talking my ear off about how 'dashing' I would be in the new outfit she insisted on making me there wasn't much of note about the trip. I just finally got to see how Ponyville was really laid out, its nothing like it looks in the show. We ended at Sugarcube Corner where Pinkie insisted on treating us to cupcakes.

Scootaloo started to look at me and fiddle with her hooves until Pinkie dropped the treats off and went to the next table. "So," Scootaloo finally started, "Does it ever show my parents on the show?... You know... The one about us."

I looked the filly over. She was looking up at me as if I held the power to make her wildest dream come true. I didn't know what to say. That's one question I was hoping to answer after settling in here. All the show has said is that if she had parents, they weren't very supportive. I mean, she tells Rainbow flat out that she's never been told she's good at anything.

I really didn't want to crush Scootaloo's dreams. She looked so hopeful, but I have an honest streak to give Applejack a run for her apples.

Ok, maybe I'll tell a little fib to get to the truth sometimes, but Apple Jewel, I mean Applejack has done the same.

"No," I said, looking her in the eye, "I'm afraid not. Why do you ask?"

"I was just hoping they were looking for me," She failed to hide the tear she shed, "They left so long ago."

"So who takes care of you?" I asked, but Spike interrupted before she could answer.

"Hey, Jerry!" Spike shouted from the counter before walking to our table, "How is your day with the Crusaders going?"

"Just fine," I said, "How are things at the castle? Twilight looming over a pile of books about portals?"

"As a matter of fact I already put the ones about portals away, now she's looking into Daylight Dreamer," He said, "But for a pony that played such a big part of one of the few wars Equestria has faced, that's not much. So she's probably done reading them already."

"Anything good?" I asked.

"As a matter of fact," he said, "That's why I wanted to talk to you. She found something straight up mind-blowing in the remnants of his journal. She won't tell me though, just says to wait until you get there."

"I see," I looked around the table, Sweetie and Apple Bloom were chomping at their bits to go find out, Scootaloo, on the other hand, was clearly bothered by the turn of events. "It's just going to have to wait a little longer," I finally said, "I'm afraid I'm in the middle of a very important cupcake. We'll be there in a half hour or so." Three faces sank but the fourth was holding back a huge smile, she knew my real motive, I think so anyway.

"Alright," Spike sighed, "I'll see you at the castle then."

"See ya there," I assured.

The rest of the time was spent talking about the show. Seems it was only off on a few key details, and like Scootaloo's parents, most just weren't said outright.

As curious as I was, I decided to wait for Scootaloo to bring her parents up again. She didn't.

We got to the castle around sundown. I was a little later than I quoted Spike, but not by much.

Twilight however clearly thought it had been an eternity. She bolted out the door as soon as we could be seen from it.

"You are not going to believe this!!" She said grabbing all four of us and shoving us into the library. It happened so fast. One moment I was about to cross the street, the next my feet are leaving the ground and being placed in front of Twilight's library table.

"What is it?" I asked taking a seat at the table.

"I was looking over this journal," she held up a charred, water damaged book, "I couldn't get much, most of the pages are either burnt or smudged, but three pages in the middle survived." She opened the book to the first intact page, "I don't have much context but as best as I can tell, they describe a vision Daylight had about the end of the war. It starts by describing a vehicle that sounds remarkably like yours, then the driver, a tall two-legged creature, that always wore clothes. The vehicle drives across a field and meets up with Daylight, but it's smudged after that, except for this." she turned to a burned page and what was left of it had a drawn picture of a Jeep just like mine, well, Daylight was no artist, but all the elements were there. "I'd say there's a really good chance that he was looking through a magic window into your world. It's not the only explanation, but it makes sense, and something made a portal to your world open when his summoning spell was cast."

"Wow," was all I could think to say.

"I know," Twilight said, "have you ever imagined a place like Equestria? Or do you know of anyone in your world that has? It could mean a window was opened between our worlds. Before the door that brought you here that is." She clearly didn't expect me to have an answer.

"Have I got a story for you..." I grinned, "It starts with a pony princess sending her star pupil to coordinate the summer sun celebration, but the real motive is so she can meet an awesome group of friends and save Equestria from her sister's alter ego."

"But we never told you..." Twilight was shocked, to say the least.

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