• Published 26th Feb 2018
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Blazing a Trail to the Past. - Daylight_Dreamer

After a freak accident, I wound up in equestria with a Jeep. Offroading where nobodys driven before. Or am I?

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46- Truth, charity, and the arcane.

"You really are a miracle worker," Gilda said still amazed at Scootaloo's fast learning.

"I guess so," I said piling my plate with seconds of the pasta she made, "you're not too bad with a kettle yourself."

"I can make good food," she said, "are you really comparing that to brewing a potion that fixed wings that have been broken for years?"

"A good potion can save a pony," I said, "a good cook can save an army."

"Just shut up and take the compliment, Dweeb," she laughed, "or you don't get dessert."

"There's dessert?" I asked cleaning my plate for the second time.

"I got a carrot cake from the sweet shop," Gilda said, "but it has to wait until Scootaloo is back." She pulled a cake box out and opened it revealing a cake with orange frosting and 'Congratulations on your first flight, Scootaloo' written in purple.

"You really went all out," I said, "I see you had confidence she would pull it off."

She gave me a look that said she knew it was a gamble, "Dash and I were in kindergarten when we met and started flying together... I can't imagine having to wait until I the end of middle school. I knew she would do everything right. I just had to do something for her. I can't afford much but I could do this."

"That line sounds familiar," I said.

"Are you about to have a memory?" Gilda asked, "your eyes went funny earlier when I mentioned my cooking teacher being a genius with a kettle. They're doing it again."

Apparently, I had to hear it twice. I had just enough time to nod and sit back as my mind was swept away.
I was flying over a rather run down city. The war had clearly done a lot of damage. I was looking for the healer. Not for my friends this time, I was already a potions instructor myself. That is why I had to find her before she bailed. Ponies in this area were full of superstition. She wouldn't last long.

I found a large house with two injured ponies standing outside. It seemed like a good place to look.

They were both stallions. One was light blue with a dark blue mane, he seemed to have a broken leg. The other was a large red stallion with a black mane. A small pool of blood betrayed a gash in his side.

"Is everything ok?" I asked as I landed. At this point, everypony knew about the black and blue Wonderbolt that was only interested in healing. So I wasn't worried about being considered hostile.

"They may need your help in there," said the first stallion with his back leg wrapped up, he cringed in pain as he stepped closer before continuing, "they haven't even seen us yet. He may not make it." I realized the other stallion was propped up against the wall. He was barely conscious and losing a lot of blood.

Quickly I pulled a vial from my jacket, "do you know his name?"

"Apple Seed," replied the blue stallion, "he saved my life. Carried me all the way out of the woods in that shape after we were attacked at our campground."

I put a hoof under Apple Seed's chin lifting his head. "Apple Seed, I'm a friend. Can you swallow?" He swallowed and nodded. I slowly poured the vial into his mouth. The color in his eyes came back quickly.

I pulled out two granola bars, "each of you should eat one of these while I talk to the healer. I won't be long."

"They won't even open the door," Apple Seed said.

"We shall see," I knocked on the door and shouted, "This is Daylight Dreamer of the Wonderbolts medical unit. May I offer assistance?"

The door swung open after a moment. I was greeted by a dark blue mare with a stark white mane, "How do I know you really are who you say you are?" She asked peering at me through her choppy bangs.

"You don't," was all I said brushing my mane to the side to reveal my own eyes. I kept it long and brushed to one side, so it was always covering my right eye.

"Come on in," she said, looking from my eyes to my jacket, "I do need help. Not only with my patients either. By the way, my name is Drum Beat."

She led me through a large room full of ponies laying on cots. A second look revealed that ponies were also laying under the cots to double the space. I didn't count but it could have easily been fifty injured ponies.

I was not surprised. This area had just been attacked. My heart broke when I realized Drum Beat was the only healer to be found.

We didn't stop at any of the beds. She took me to a closed door in a small hallway in the back and knocked on it.

Before she could say anything a deep female voice shouted from within, "You can knock and you can shout, but I am not coming out! Ponies are healed and potions brewed, it's time to be leaving you!"

"Aren't you still looking for that potions teacher?" Drum Beat asked.

"You are the only pony that has treated me right," the voice grew weaker, "how can I hope to find Daylight?"

"What if I said I was looking for you?" I asked through the door.

"I'd say it's too good to be true!" She shouted.

"Well this is fun," I said, "but those two ponies outside are waiting for potions. I said I wouldn't be gone long. If you want in my class, I have a cart at the edge of town I can give you a ride in. If you just want to go back to the zebra lands. I'll be disappointed, but I'll go home too. I just hope I can manage a bone-mending potion without oak bark. I'm fresh out."

"I have..." Drum Beat started but I stopped her.

I whispered, "just wait. Three, two..." the door flung open.

"What kind of potions teacher runs out of such a common and necessary ingredient?" asked the zebra that emerged, "A lie somewhere is evident."

"I never claimed to be honest," I said shaking my jar of oak bark, "I claim to be persuasive. Got you out here didn't I."

"With all the talented ponies around," she asked looking at me, "Why go out looking for where I can be found?"

"Because from what I hear zebras take pride in their potions," I said, "yet you wanted to learn from me rather than your own kind. I have to know why."

She looked me in the eye for a moment before looking at the floor. "We are supposed to seek out the potions teacher we most respect," she said, "and in the teachers of my land, I see only neglect. With so much good they could do, they instead choose to say 'I'm me and you're you'. Yet in the face of hardship and fear, you stand strong and say 'I'm here'."

"I guess that makes sense," I said, "you coming or what? I have a class to run, a daughter to raise, and two ponies outside all waiting on me. I can't wait on you all day."

"I will go with you," she said, "do you need help with the bone mending brew?"

I pulled a vial from my jacket, "I actually have it pre-made. Go ahead and get ready, I'll take care of the last two patients."

"I won't be long. I know you're busy," she said, "by the way, my name is Kizzy."

She closed the door and continued packing. I turned my attention to Drum Beat.

"Are you going to be able to find room for the last two?" I asked on our way back out.

She took a deep breath. "I don't know," she was about to cry, "I'm doing all that I can but I'm just one unicorn healer that knows a few potions. I can only say the last part since Kizzy came around and taught me. I suppose they could stay in Kizzy's room. The bigger problem is that I'm all alone in this. Everypony else is injured or just ran when they got the chance. I can't say I blame them, but I can't leave all these ponies behind without treatment."

"I have a couple students about to graduate," I said, "would you be able to find nearby housing for them? Field experience would make a great final exam."

"I can't afford much but I can do that," she said, "My house is full, but my friend's old house is a block away, she won't be needing it." She was unable to hold back as we stopped just inside the door, she was looking at the floor. Tears landed around her hooves.

"This war is hard on us all," I said, "I've lost my share of friends, but we healers have to stick together to make sure as many ponies see the end of it as possible." I gave her a hug, "now let's get to Apple Seed and Treble Clef."

We got outside and Apple Seed was lying down, "Ah'm ok," he said, "Just finally got the strength to move and muh legs hurt."

"The vitality potion did its thing on him," I said, "we have time to get him in and clean him up. Let's start by enlisting help from Treble."

"I never told you my name," Treble said stunned.

"Drum Beat told me," I tried to cover. I had seen him and Drum Beat in a vision... They had a foal. I didn't want to give anything away.

"We never met," he protested.

"Do you want the potion?" I asked, "or shall we argue until that gets gangrenous so we have to turn you into a tripod?"

"You have a point," Treble said, "I'm sure you have some kind of Intel. Being a Wonderbolt."

"Drink this. It will get you walking but no gymnastics for a week." I said, handing him the vial I had shown Kizzy. He did as instructed and was back on four hooves in moments.

"Where do you want him?" Treble asked carefully wrapping Apple Seed in his magic.

"I'm a unicorn too you know," Drum Beat pointed out, "I could have done that."

"And miss the chance to train your new assistant?" I said, "Why do that?"

"How did you know I was going to ask if she needed an assistant? That's a thought I had just a moment ago," Treble gave me an odd look.

"I didn't," I said, "I just knew you wanted to be near her. Call me psychotic?"

"Don't you mean psychic?" asked Drum Beat.

"Psychics usually have a little control over what they see," I said, "I just randomly see things that aren't there yet. Point is I knew to help you would make Treble happy. You won't mind having him around either." I was glad the subject was dropped. I really put my hoof in my mouth there.

We got Apple Seed onto the table in the makeshift operating room. This whole clinic was set up in a small mansion. The O.R. was clearly intended as a dining room.

I cleaned the gash on Apple Seed's side and covered it in medicated gauze.

"That wound is deep," I said, "it will take a few days to heal even with the treatment. I'll leave some of this ointment behind, it's tricky to make. I brought other medical supplies for you as well, I left them in my cart because this coat only holds so much. I'll have to drop them off."

"What can I ever do to repay you?" Drum Beat asked.

"Just keep fighting the good fight," I said.

"If you ever need anything," she said, "you know where to find me."

"What do ah owe ya?" Apple Seed asked, "she's gonna fight the fight or whatever and he's gonna be her assistant, but ah'm no good at this healing stuff."

"You saved my life," Trebble said, "I'll work your treatment off too," he looked Drum Beat over, "I don't mind."

"If you're looking for work," Drum Beat suggested, "I could use help tending the gardens. It's not easy keeping this many ponies fed."

"He can cook too," Treble added, "he's a genius with a kettle."

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