• Published 26th Feb 2018
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Blazing a Trail to the Past. - Daylight_Dreamer

After a freak accident, I wound up in equestria with a Jeep. Offroading where nobodys driven before. Or am I?

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47- Breaking in. Sneaky as a snake.

"Wow, G," Rainbow laughed as she teased her friend, "you really took this 'mom' thing to heart."

"Just don't forget to do your chores, Dash," Gilda teased back, "or you don't get an allowance."

We were all celebrating Scootaloo's first flight. Scootaloo had already worn herself out and before I knew it Gilda had carried her to her room and tucked her in.

"How did she do?" I asked, "I thought about watching but I didn't want to distract her from your teaching."

Rainbow Dash went quiet. She didn't seem to know what to say. All at once her mile-wide smile cracked, she started shedding a tear before flying into my lap and burying her face. She was gently crying into my shoulder.

"Nopony thought she would ever fly, but she did amazing," Rainbow said as she contained herself, "it's as if she's been flying all along. Today was a dream come true for both of us. I don't care what you say, I'm going to find a way to repay you."

"Don't think for a second that I didn't want to see her fly as badly as you," I said, "but you had longer to wait. So if you feel the need to thank me, I won't argue. Just know that it isn't necessary, nor is it expected."

"Well, start expecting it," Rainbow scoffed, "you, my friend, are all kinds of awesome. You deserve it."

"I suppose so," I said.

"Don't go pulling that generic comment shit on me," Rainbow teased, "I invented the smile and nod approach. You aren't really agreeing with me. You're just acting like it so I'll shut up, but your not the only stubbornly loyal one. I'm not going to leave you alone until you admit you deserve the party this weekend. In fact, I won't even move. It's for your own good."

She was still on my lap from her little episode. Scootaloo was already too big to comfortably fit, and Rainbow was a full grown pony. My legs were starting to hurt.

"Babe, can I get some help?" I asked Gilda.

"Sorry, Dweeb," Gilda laughed, "once Rainbow sets her mind to something, there's no stopping her. Besides, you really should loosen up. You did something awesome. You deserve an awesome reward."

"You too now?" I asked.

"Humble isn't really a common griffin attribute," Gilda laughed, "you earned it. Now hold your head up and take it like it was yours all along."

"I just don't know what to say," I said, "I don't take compliments well. I never really feel like I deserve it."

"Thank you and your welcome usually do great," Rainbow said, "now are you going admit you deserve it, or not? Cause your lap is kinda comfortable, I may just take a nap."

"Ok, fine," I said, "I deserve the party. Happy now?"

"Nope!" Rainbow laughed, "now you have to say something nice about yourself. Shouldn't be hard."

"I let my friends keep me up late," I said standing up and lifting Rainbow with me, it wasn't easy, but she was only about 120 pounds, I assumed a non-flyer the same size would outweigh her, she WAS part bird, despite not having a beak. I continued, "and I put up with my friends bull-shit when I don't really have to." I turned around and set her in the chair, "I need to lie down, you two have fun."
I woke up to an empty cabin. For once I was glad to be alone.

I love Gilda and Scootaloo but from time to time it's good to be alone with my thoughts.

I knew Scootaloo was at school but could only guess where Gilda went this time. I did have a good guess though.

I just had some cereal and sat down with journal number three. It was time to see what Jordan had to say.
Hey Scooter, Jerry, You made me change that.

I hope you are reading these in order. I don't have time to recap.

You know how and why you brought us to Ponyland. Equestria. Now you need to know what we were doing here.

The idea was if they ALL stopped fighting they would get along again. We couldn't get ponies to remember why they should get along with the enemy, so we decided to make them forget all about the Nightmare. One could say we banished it to the Moon.

It wasn't easy. We had to rely on your friends and those crazy magic gems they carried. Where can I get a set anyway? Why am I asking you? You won't remember.

I can't say a whole lot. Certain triggers will cause a relapse.

For instance, if ponies even read the name -OMITTED- then they would remember her and things would pretty much go back to the way they were. You needed to come back to make sure that didn't happen.

Just remember, once you collect all the -EXPUNGED-. You can use the -REDACTED- to open the ______. The -CENSORED- will make more sense once inside where the rest of it is hidden. The journals are pretty straight forward. As for the ******. You left that for fun, it's the one relatively safe ****** in Kizzy's ---- if you need more.

Check out the encryption I came up with for the important details. It's some of my best work. I left the code in the ______.

Your buddy, Uncle Jordan
I was surprised at how much he managed to say in such a short message. I now knew that uncle Jordan wasn't my real uncle. I couldn't believe it took that long to dawn on me. He wasn't around much but he gave the coolest birthday presents.

Now I knew exactly what we did. We made everypony forget about the conflict between Celestia and Luna. Specifically, we made them forget about Nightmare Moon. Those words were capitalized for a reason.

I also knew that the fear was that remembering her would start the whole thing up again. It was clear why I never claimed to be psychic. A psychic could have foreseen that Luna would return and bring harmony once again. That being said, I wasn't necessarily useless. This bunker was filled with all the evils pony kind could imagine from the sounds of it. I filled it, I should dispose of it.

The last two paragraphs made much more sense when considering the first journal. I knew I had to collect items and I had to open a bunker.

I was delighted when I realized the potion was just for fun. I figured the rest of the blueprints were inside the bunker, but what opens the door? The only thing left was the knife. Assuming he was only talking about the items I was to gather.

I was deep in this thought when I heard the front door open. I turned to see Gilda, Rainbow, and Fluttershy. Asmodeus was crawling at their feet.

"What's up, guys?" I asked.

"We were chillaxing at the pond when Fluttershy came along and was asking if you talked to Gilda yet," Rainbow said, "We figured it got put on a back burner with Scootaloo and that vision G' told me about."

"This guy is moving in," Gilda butted in, "Scootaloo will get used to it."

"She really won't mind," Rainbow assured us, "not saying she'll like it right off, but I'll talk to her. It helps that he has a lot in common with Tank."

"That's awesome," I said. I was happy to take my mind off how to open an armored door with a knife. I had to figure it out, but I had only seen this door for a second in a vision. Thinking too hard wasn't going to help.

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