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An author who's stories may not be good but at least he tries...


An experiment gone wrong swaps Fluttershy with Discord! How is Equestria going to handle this sudden change of roles? This my not end well.

[This Picture of Chaoshy/Anarchy I found was made by Osipush you can check out his other pictures here https://osipush.deviantart.com, his art is really good.]

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Enjoy the story everyone! :twilightsmile:

It took a year or so to even get this done. I do apologize if this sounds mean.

I loved it!!! it was very well written and it grabbed my attention from the moment i saw the cover picture

You captured well personalities of Discord and Fluttershy. Good story.

"And i-i'm Dizzy Twister." the stallon quietly said.

I get it cuz of discord's cutie mark

You should make a story about what they saw!!


They ended up in Anarchy's version of the chaos dimension after Twilight did her spell.

Such a story won't be very long.

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