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After a long day,Twilight Sparkle decides to unwind for the night with a book and some alcoholic cider, she didn't expect a certain animal caretaker to visit,so she decides to hoof her a drink,this will not be good...

(inspired by the chapter "Flutterdrunk" from the story "Randomnity")

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This....this is a work of art.

Oh wow. xD That's it? Fluttershy owns Equestria now?

I guess lol , I didn't have much to work with,heh oh well...:twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Funnygamer95 deleted Mar 31st, 2018

"i hate mondays" that never get old to me.

I... I honestly don't mean to be rude, and while I certainly enjoyed this story (Queen Fluttershy, that's a new headcanon if I've ever seen one), I have to ask: Did you intentionally write this in a poor state, or are you simply extremely new to writing? Again, not to be rude, but this seems almost intentionally bad.


This story was written a long time ago, I can fix it if you want.

No, no, please, keep it as it is. This is an absolute gem of a work, despite the many, many flaws it has. If you ask me, those flaws are why it's so good. If you actually do a rewrite of it, please put it in a separate chapter. This is on the level of "It's so bad it's good."


Thanks, I'll think about the re-write.

I...do not know how to process this.


Try not to question it. Lol.

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