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For most of her young life, she had had a notion that she was adopted. It was never brought up, but it never needed to be brought up. Her life with her adopted family had been good, but after getting her Cutie Mark the thoughts of her adoption started to grow and get to her.

After quite a few years of being in the fandom, and some recent ideas popping up here and there, I have a (unique) story I can put these ideas to good use. This will probably be the only story I put here.

If you are a little confused here and there, not to worry. I tend to be a confusing person.

This was first conjured up when the Season 8 leaks circulated and I heard some rumours of Scootaloo's real guardians. Never dug deep into them myself, and even after the reveal decided not to change this.

The AU tag is there partly because this deviates slightly from canon, but mostly because of the change in names. One could think of it as a PU where ponies are named after their coat color. The reason being once I learned of Twilight's coat color name and discovered a "connection", I really wanted to use this somewhere.

Ok, enough rambling, on with the story!

You know what? what the hay

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Not too bad of a story, but there is one thing that bothered me.

Why the fuck are all the names changed a can't see a single reason that it was needed, and it's one of those brain-worm type of things, it doesnt affect the story, but it's so goddamn completely unnecessary i cant see why you did it.

Good story so far, though I do have to ask: why did you change their names?

Consider it an experiment. And I wanted to bring something new to the table. The idea came to me when I noticed people using different words to describe the colors of a pony, like Twilight was called purple, lavender, violet, and even lilac. I decided to feed the official hex values into a "color database" and get the exact name.
thus g6 was born I mean, thus I named everypony after their coat color.

Found this story via a comment on a youtube video. I think I might try reading it, at least to see how the character renaming system works out.

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