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Unexpected Relations - Edward256

She was adopted - that much was for sure - but it had never been brought up. Not that it was really needed, but it was on her mind quite often now.

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TTS Chapter 6

Saffron Mango came into the waiting room a while later followed by the nurse.

Wisteria got up and immediately noticed the expression on Saffrons face.

Wisteria asked, "Are you all right, Saffron? You look like you've seen a ghost."

"I, um..." she tried to get out, but she was still in shock.

The nurse answered in her stead, "She'll be fine. Needles are never pleasant."

Wisteria winced. "I can understand that."

The nurse leaned down and said, "Now do remember that you need to take it easy for a few days. That means no tricks on your scooter. I've sent a letter to your home, but in case it doesn't arrive you should let them know."

Before Saffron had a chance to groan, Wisteria said, "I could tell them."

Instead of groaning, Saffron looked up and questioned, "What?"

Wisteria said, "I thought I'd walk you home. When we arrive I could make sure the message is delivered."

Saffron flapped her wings and almost pleaded, "I believe I can make my own way home."

Wisteria said, "Now don't start that again. I insist on making sure you get there safe and sound."

Saffron said, "Well, they don't get home until late anyways."

"Oh." Wisteria's face fell a bit as did her hopes of meeting Saffrons parents. She said, "Still, I want to make sure you get there and rest."

Saffron Mango looked up to the nurse, hoping for some kind of help.

Unfortunately she only had a sigh to give.

When Wisteria was set on something there was little 1 could do to dissuade her.

Some secrets could never be hidden for very long.

The nurse eventually said, "Go with the princess Saffron."

Saffron turned her head back to face forwards with a frown.

She put on her helmet, mounted her scooter, and buzzed her wings.

Wisteria followed after her, but did not use any magic to steer, seeing as she did not know where Saffron lived.

When they got outside, Saffron kept her wings at a steady and slow pace, partly to take as much time in getting home and hopefully find a plan to lose the princess, and partly she was still a little numb from the news she received.

She was also split with what she wanted to do.

On the 1 hoof she wanted to go home and rest, on another hoof she wanted to go and confront her biological parents, and on a third hoof she wanted to lead Wisteria on a wild goose chase.

Each choice was as inviting and uninviting at the same time.

Leading someone on, especially a princess, was not a very nice thing to do, she did not feel ready to confront her parents, especially if some-pony was going to witness it, and she especially did not want to show any-pony where she lived.

Her steady speed allowed Wisteria to walk beside her.

"So." began Wisteria. "It occurred to me that I have never met your parents."

Saffron Mango stayed silent, looking around for any options to present itself.

Wisteria continued, "In fact, I don't think you've ever mentioned them while you were my student at the library. Are they good parents?"

Saffron muttered a "Yes."

Wisteria said, "That's good to hear. To have parents. To have good, parents!"

Wisteria chuckled slightly. "I'd hate to think you were orphaned or something."

Saffron Mango went stiff all the way out to her wing tips and was slowing to a crawl.

Before she came to a complete stop, she kicked off with her hind hoof to catch up with Wisteria.

When she was beside her, Saffron started her wings again and matched Wisteria's speed.

Wisteria continued, "It's just I don't think I've ever heard you talk about them so I was curious."

Saffron countered, "Sail never speaks about her, parents. Maybe, she's, an orphan."

It was Wisteria's turn to stop in her tracks.

Whether Saffron noticed or not she kept going.

Wisteria took a moment to recover and trotted up beside Saffron.

Wisteria said, "I'll get to her soon enough. Maybe tomorrow. Right now, you, are here, and I'm trying to get to know, you, a little better. I wouldn't be doing my duty if I didn't get to know every pony in Ponyville. Which reminds me I should probably stop by the mayor's office and pick up a copy of the civil registry."

Saffron Mango realized Wisteria may already know something.

She could tell by the way she was acting.

She still kept her stern frown, looking every which way for something to delay the inevitable if nothing else.

She spotted Sugarcube Corner in the distance and 2 thoughts came to mind.

The first being this was probably the best place to get Wisteria distracted while she sneaks off home alone.

The other thought, which was more felt, was she had not eaten since breakfast, and it was probably an idea to get lunch.

Without saying a word, she steered off towards the bakery.

Wisteria was not so deep in her thoughts that she noticed the sudden change and was quickly by Saffrons side again.

When they got closer to Sugarcube Corner, Saffron pointed up at the building and said, "Hey, can we make a stop here? I'm feeling hungry."

Wisteria stopped and looked up.

She was a little surprised from the sudden outburst.

She eventually said, "Okay, I guess."

They stepped inside and were greeted not by Chantilly, but by 1 of the owners of the bakery.

Saffron had hoped Chantilly was here because she would be perfect to distract the princess.

She ordered a slice of strawberry cake, Wisteria ordered a slice of apple pie, and they took a seat next to the front window.

They ate in silence for a bit before Wisteria asked, "Sew, what do your parents do?"

Saffron looked up from her food and asked, "Do?"

Wisteria said, "Yes, like what do they work with?"

Saffron answered, "I, never asked."

Wisteria said, "Oh. They never spoke about there job?"

Saffron said, "Not that I can recall."

She was almost lying.

There jobs sounded boring, but she knew she would not bump into them easily.

There was 1 time she and her friends invited the princess out to the local burger joint, and it was pure luck they made there order when Japonica was having a break.

Wisteria suddenly asked, "What are there names?"

Safron asked, "What?"

Wisteria said, "Your parents. They do have names, don't they?"

"There names?" fumbled Saffron nervously.

Wisteria said, "Yes. They should have told you by now."

Saffron stuttered, "Well, yes, it's, um, Ebb. bon. E... Ebony," she lied, combining Ebb's and Bon's names.

Wisteria asked, "Is that your mother's or father's name?"

Saffron thought about it, but tried not to take too long to answer.

It sounded a little feminine and decided to reverse the roles a bit.

She finally said, "My mother."

Wisteria said, "That's a nice name. And your father?"

Saffron blurted "His names-eagle."

It caught her by surprise that that was the first thing she could think of.

In fact, there was no time to think if she wanted to sound convincing.

Wisteria said, "Sounds like he's a soldier."

Suddenly, a high pitched voice called from the entrance, "Hey, Wisteria, Hey Saffron, What happened to you?"

Saffron answered, "Hey, Chantilly. Had a bit of an accident."

Chantilly asked, "1 of your super duper stunties go super duper whoopsie-daisies?"

Wisteria answered, "You could say that. Once we're done here she's gonna go home and rest for a few days."

Chantilly exclaimed, "Oh wow, does that mean no scooter tricks? Hope you got enough to read, I can't imagine not doing anything for a whole day."

Saffron interjected, "Well, I do get to move around a little."

Chantilly continued as if no-pony had said anything, "I mean Sail would go absolutely stir-crazy if she got nothing to do but stir her drinks with her favorite straw all day, I should probably come by with something fun to do."

Saffron cried out a little too hastily, "No no! No need for that. I can come out here, no problem!"

Chantilly said, "Are you sure? Those booboos look pretty bad."

Saffron said, "I just need to take it easy. I'm not totally bed-ridden."

Chantilly said, "Okie dokie lokie, if you say so, just that you may just become the ghost of the party with those bandages. Get it? Toast? Ghost?" Chantilly giggled.

None of them had noticed how Wisteria's face had transformed when Chantilly mentioned coming over to Saffrons home.

Wisteria asked, "You know where Saffron lives?"

"Oh no," muttered Saffron, becoming rigid.

Chantilly knew every-pony in Ponyville, even those who were visiting and stayed long enough to cross paths with her.

She answered, "Of course I do."

Wisteria asked, "Do you know Saffrons parents?"

Chantilly asked, "Parents?"

This was what Saffron Mango was afraid of.

Chantilly had met her mothers and threw a few birthday parties at there house, but most of them occurred either at the school or the bakery.

Fortunately for Saffron, Chantilly assumed Wisteria was thinking, guardian parents, and continued.

"Oh yes, I've met them, they sure are a cute couple and I know they just love there little Saffron, it's just a shame there work keeps them apart for so long but what can 1 do when there aren't enough jobs that require there special talents."

Before Wisteria could ask any further, the shop owner called out.

"Chantilly! Could you watch the twins for a bit? My husband needs to go out on an errand."

Chantilly responded, "Sure thing! See you around!"

She waved to Saffron and Wisteria, and hopped up the stairs.

Saffron was glad she had left, and had completely forgotten she was to instigate a distraction so she could run off on her own.

They finished there lunch in silence and headed out. Only this time Saffron did not look for any other distractions but instead made her way straight home.


When they arrived, Saffron said, "Well, this is it."

It was pretty much the first thing she said since Sugarcube Corner.

She was still a little shaken she had forgotten how much Chantilly actually knew.

Wisteria made her way to the door and said, "Well, let's get you tucked in."

Saffron interrupted, "I can tuck myself in."

She zipped to the door and blocked Wisteria's path.

Wisteria said, "Are you sure? I mean, you R, going to rest, aren't you?"

Saffron said, "Yes! Totally!"

She squeezed herself and the scooter through the door.

"Not feeling especially energetic at the moment."

Light Wisteria looked at her sceptically, but in the end gave in.

"All right, if you say so."

Saffron said, "I do. Good night, Princess!"

And she slammed the door.

Wisteria was a little confused.

Something seemed a little wrong, and Saffron seemed a little energetic. But it is said that when kids got overtired, they could show a great deal of sudden energy bursts.

She slowly made her way to a window to surreptitiously look inside.

The place was well kept.

No signs of mess or disorder.

She spotted some picture frames but could not quite make them out.

1 or 2 she saw had 2 mares in them, and she figured it was either a sister or a cousin to the mother.

Saffron Mango came into view and walked straight for 1 of the doors on the far side of the room.

Wisteria was thinking this could be the bedroom, but was not completely sure.

She could trot around the house to make sure, but she felt she had overstepped her bounds already.

Once Saffron was out of sight, she decided to trot on home.

It was a weekend, so the mayor's office was not open today.

What Wisteria did not realize was that Saffron Mango did not go into, her, bedroom but had gone into her mothers' bedroom.

She was on a quest to find her adoption papers.

It definitely did not feel right to be in here without there permission.

They did not forbid her from going in there room, she could come in if something scared her, but there was something they had said after she got her own room.

She could not remember the details, but what was most important was her sense of respect for there privacy.

She opened the closet and found a pair of wedding dresses, formal attire, some work clothes and some sets of horseshoes of varying shapes.

She had learned the meaning behind formal wear, but most of why ponies wore clothes still escaped her.

She closed it and opened a chest by the foot of the bed.

Inside she found some socks and what looked like a large jelly worm.

She wondered why her mothers had not eaten it yet, or why they had not thrown it out when it started to make the chest smell musty.

She had a thought of throwing it away for them, but that would show she had been in there room and rummaging.

She did not want them to know she was in there if she did not find what she was looking for.

She carefully moved the objects to see if there were any papers hiding at the bottom.

When she did not find any papers she moved on to the vanity and looked through the drawers.

All she found were some brushes and make-up.

She looked in the drawer of 1 of the bedside tables and found 2 books.

1 had some abstract, colorful, and a little scary art on its cover, simply titled, eric. while the other had a depiction of a beach on its cover, with a title written in another language.

Not finding what she was looking for, she moved around the bed to the other bedside table and opened its drawer.

She found 1 book with a silhouette of a pony on its cover, except its muzzle was longer, and the word, Diary, written in the corner.

She noticed a piece of paper sticking out of the pages a bit, and carefully opened the bookmarked page.

She unfolded the paper to find more papers folded inside.

Unfolding them she saw a heading she was looking for.

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