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Unexpected Relations - Edward256

She was adopted - that much was for sure - but it had never been brought up. Not that it was really needed, but it was on her mind quite often now.

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Chapter 5

"Your as bad as a mom!" complained Saffron Mango as she was rolled into the hospital's lobby by Princess Light Wisteria. She had complained about going to the hospital almost all the way. A few times she tried to steer or kick off to some other direction, but Wisteria's magic caught her each time.

Wisteria smirked at Saffron's last comment and replied "I was your tutor for a while. I'd say I'm almost there."

Saffron Mango groaned as she was wheeled up to the reception.

"Oh my. What happened to you?" asked the receptionist, seeing the rough state of Saffron's body.

"Quite a nasty accident from high up," replied Wisteria. "I was hoping somepony could take a look at her."

"Of course. Please, have a seat and somepony will be with you shortly."

They took a seat each and waited. They doubted they needed to wait long as there were only two ponies there. Saffron still fidgeted, wanting to get out of there. Before long a nurse walked up to them. She did not need to look twice to know who the patient was.

"Oh dear. That does look bad," she remarked. "I do hope you don't take after Sail and make frequent visits here."

Despite Sail being part of the Wonderbolts reserves, she still got a little carried away by trying some new stunts, which usually got her a little too close to the ground for comfort and landing her in the hospital. As much as Saffron Mango wanted to be just like Sail, she did not want to follow her every hoofstep.

"I'm just fine," grumbled Saffron.

"I'll be the judge of that," said the nurse, as she ushered them both to an examination room.

There the nurse performed the usual tests by pressing on certain spots on Saffron's body, asking what hurts and how it hurts, checking the blood pressure, cleaning and patching up the scars.

"How did this happen anyways?" asked the nurse.

Saffron was a little reluctant to answer, but eventually said "I jumped off a bench to grind along a flower box..."

"That was on the second floor of a house, no less," interjected Wisteria.

Saffron winced at the princess's tone while the nurse winced at the mental image playing out in her mind.

"And I missed my mark..." finished Saffron.

"Well, you are lucky you didn't break anything and no joints are out of place," said the nurse. "But I'd recommend not doing anything with that scooter of yours for a few days."

Saffron groaned loudly.

"I know it is tough," said the princess. "And I know you'd like to be just as awesome as Sail. But you shouldn't try to rush things, especially something like this. You should practice bit by bit, and in the case of parkour without your scooter."

The nurse paled when she realized what Saffron was attempting, which was quite the accomplishment considering her coat was already one hundred percent white. She composed herself and said "Like I said, you're lucky. Seeing as it isn't too serious I won't inform your..."

She paused and looked towards Light Wisteria. At one of Saffron's visits, and when she was alone, she asked the nurse not to reveal she had two mothers. By oath of doctor-patient confidentiality, she agreed.

"...parents immediately," she continued. "But I will be sending them a note that you are to take it easy."

This got Saffron a little on edge. She knew her mothers were not going to be happy she got this hurt, and especially when they could not be there. Then another thought struck her, but she did not want to say anything in front of Wisteria. She quickly looked for an excuse to excuse the princess. She could not find anything except one thing.

"Wisteria," she said, crossing her hind legs. "There's something I need to discuss with the nurse in private."

Wisteria looked to the nurse who gave a nod. "Of course. I'll be in the waiting room."

When Light Wisteria was out of Saffron's view, she asked "Could I see m... my birth certificate?"

The nurse stopped in her tracks in retrieving gauze to wrap Saffron up in. Wisteria stopped in her tracks because she had not left earshot yet. She wondered why Saffron Mango was asking about such a thing.

"What brought this up all of a sudden?" asked the nurse as she slowly wrapped the gauze around Saffron. "Did they tell you?"

"No. I kinda knew all along," answered Saffron. "And I just... want to know."

The nurse stood back and studied the filly in depth, trying to remember if she helped deliver a pegasus filly with those colors, or saw in a crib in the display room. She drew up a blank and figured she was off duty at the time.

"When's your birthday?" she asked.

"Um, in three months and two days, I-I think," answered Saffron.

"I'll go check the archives. Don't go anywhere."

The nurse trotted out and made a beeline for the archives, completely oblivious to the fact Princess Light Wisteria had slowly made her way closer to the door and was now leaning against the wall, lost in her thoughts. She was going over the words in her head several times, wondering what words she was missing out on to know what they were talking about. Did Saffron not trust that her parents were her real parents?

Wisteria then noticed something was definitely missing, and it was not a word from the conversation. It was her own memory. Not once - throughout all her time spent with the three fillies and teaching them to hone in on their talents - did she ever get to know Saffron Mango's parents. Wisteria practically got to know Sandwisp's entire family tree when she first arrived in Ponyville, and got to see Bon Jour's parents while undoing some dark magic that occurred during the Foal and Filly Fair.

It then occurred she had not seen Sail's parents either. Sail never spoke about her family, and it never occurred to Wisteria to ask. She was starting to panic a little. So little she knew about her friends. So little she knew about the residence of Ponyville; the residence of a village which was now her kingdom.


Wisteria jumped out of her thoughts and back several steps with a shrill squeak from the nurse's voice.

"What are you doing here?" asked the nurse, holding a folder in her hoof.

"Me? I was, uh, just, um. Thinking!" stuttered the princess, a plastic smile plastered on her face. "Thinking I would, um, escort Saffron home!"

The nurse gave her a look, then said "You will have to wait a while yet. We're not done yet."

"Right! Of course. I'll just... wait in the waiting room. Where ponies wait."

The nurse sighed, walked into the room and closed the door behind her. Wisteria thought about eavesdropping some more, but it was not the right thing a friend should do. Her curiosity was strong, but so was her guilt in eavesdropping in the first place. She slowly and reluctantly made her way to the waiting room.

The nurse sat down in front of Saffron Mango and rested the folder in both of her front hooves.

"I did not find anything that matched you on that specific date," informed the nurse. "I did, however, look through other files surrounding that date. I may have found a match barely a day before what you mentioned."

Saffron Mango watched with rapped anticipation as the nurse opened the folder and started reading it.

"Twenty-three minutes past ten at night. Four pounds, twelve ounces. Pegasus. Orange coat, purple hair, lilac eyes. No name registered."

Saffron was hanging off the edge of her seat, trying to get a look at the files. "And the name of the parents?"

The nurse took a deep breath. She got a bit of a shock the first time she read the names and she knew Saffron was most probably going to have just as big of a shock if not worse.

"A Mister Ebb and a Missus Cupid."

Saffron Mango fell flat on her face.

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