• Published 4th Jun 2019
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Unexpected Relations - Edward256

She was adopted - that much was for sure - but it had never been brought up. Not that it was really needed, but it was on her mind quite often now.

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Author's Note:

The story you are about to hear is genuine. Only the names have been changed to protect your innocence. It is time for...
Um... wait... wrong radio play.

Saffron Mango had always felt different. This was quite normal considering her situation. Due to a birth defect she was unable to fly, or at least she was not able to gain enough lift. What her wings had managed to do so far was give her forward thrust. With a set of wheels, an extra pair of wings, or a parachute, she was able to get pretty far.

Another thing different about her was that she had two mothers and neither of them were her biological mother. It had never been said aloud, nor had she found any adoption papers, but she had still known for most of her young life. Partly it was one of those instinctual feelings that told her these two mares were not her biological mother, and partly she had some distinct memories of being in another home with other children and adults. It did not feel like a preschool or a daycare center, but it did not feel like a home either.

Her adoptive mothers were called Japonica and Spray, and were hard working ponies. Spray was a pegasus and worked as an accountant in Cloudsdale. Japonica was an earth pony and worked as a cashier at the local burger joint. They could spend more time with Saffron when she was younger, but once they realized their economic situation they needed to work extra to compensate. When she started school and was able to find her way around, she saw less and less of them.

She used the hours of peace until her mothers got home to do her homework. When her mothers finally got home, they made a quick dinner, ate, then collapsed into bed. Saffron Mango went to her room shortly after and either looked over her homework or read a book until she fell asleep. In the mornings the mothers prepared breakfast for everypony and a packed lunch for Saffron to take with her to school before heading off to their time-consuming jobs. They took time off for her birthday and got one day off for the holidays, but she saw little of them outside of that.

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