Unexpected Relations

by Edward256

TTS Chapter 2

It had been about half a year since Saffron Mango and Bon Joor met, and it seemed as though the bullies had all but forgotten about them.

For a time, the school tried splitting the foals into two classes to better accommodate them, and Saffron and Bon Joor were relieved to not be in the same class as the bullies.

Saffron Mango decided to get out of the house that weekend to try out some tricks on her scooter.

At least, that was what some called it.

it was basically a wooden board with 4 wheels and a raised handlebar attached to the front.

Her mothers had given it for her some birthdays ago, and she quickly discovered she could use her wings to gain even more speed than by simply kicking at the ground.

Mastering the scooter was an on-going challenge, however, because she was self-taught, and the endeavor came with bumps, bruises, and scrapes. She was glad for the helmet her mothers had given her alongside the scooter.

As she sped through town looking for something to flip her scooter over she spotted Bon Joor.

Saffron called out to her as she slowed down to a stop beside the unicorn.

Bon Joor squeaked back, "Oh, hey Saffron! What's up?"

Saffron said, "Oh nothing special. Just riding on my scooter a bit. What about you?"

Bon Joor said, "Just going to Sugarcube Corner for something sweet. Wanna join me?"

Saffron said, "Sure! Sounds like fun."

They headed off together toward Ponyville's famous bakery, where a friend of Bon Joors older sister worked.

Upon arriving they saw that Sugarcube Corner was decorated with streamers and balloons.

Bon Joor said, "Hey look! It looks like there is going to be a party."

Saffron Mango said, "What luck. Wonder what the occasion is?"

Bon Joor said, "You never know with Chantilly."

Chantilly was the friend of Bon Joors sister who worked at the bakery.

She was always coming up with new and interesting treats that were the reason the place had become so famous.

She also had a knack for organizing parties for any and every occasion, even going as far as making up a holiday just to have an excuse to scratch that throw a party itch.

While her efforts were definitely appreciated, they were sometimes a bit too much, especially if she was trying to get the whole town to celebrate some-pony's first kiss.

As they stepped inside, they saw treats decorating the tables, and caught the smell of something burning from the kitchen.

Saffron Mango said, "Seems like some-pony's stressed if they forgot something in the oven."

Bon Joor said, "Guess it is going to be something big. Let's have a seat and see where it leads."

Before long Saffron and Bon Joor were hiding under a table, as it turned out the guest of honor was Classic Rose, who had recently gotten her Cutie Mark.

So many ponies had arrived by that point they could not get to the exit without being seen and teased for not having Cutie Marks.

They were now convinced they were the only 2 in there school who had not gotten there's yet.

Saffron Mango whispered, "Well, this sucks. There is nowhere we can sit and hide our flanks."

Bon Joor whispered, "And we can't get to the front door, the kitchen, or the stairs to Chantilly's room.

Saffron whispered, "Nor to the stairs to the basement. It seems like we'll have to hide here throughout the whole party."

Bon Joor whispered, "And we won't be able to grab anything more without ponies noticing. I'm actually getting."

Bon Joors thoughts were interrupted when she noticed a table with a bowl of punch scurry across the floor for a few feet before settling down a moment.

Bon Joor whispered, "Hey, Saffron, look."

She motioned with her hoof, careful not to draw any attention to them.

The table they had hidden under had a tablecloth that only reached halfway to the floor, allowing them to see some of the party if they were pressed close to the floor.

Saffron Mango asked in a whisper, "Huh. Did Chantilly make a wandering table to make sure everyone got a drink?"

A pony leaned over the now stopped punch bowl and took a sip.

Bon Joor whispered, "If so, then why is it heading for the exit?"

The scurrying table stopped right next to the front door, and an earth pony filly got out from under it.

She was about to head out when she was stopped by a larger earth pony.

"Sandwisp! You made it," said the larger earth pony in a southern drawl, pushing the younger 1 back into the shop.

"After Ah heard about your friend's new Cutie Mark, Ah was afraid you wouldn't show up. Ah sure am glad you came to your senses about this all Cutie Mark thang. These things happen when these things are supposed to happen. Trying to rush it will just drive you crazy. I'll let you be. Looks like your friends wanna talk to ya."

Bon Joor and Saffron Mango watched as the big earth pony kept on walking up to the counter, while the filly struggled to get around her and reach the exit.

Bon Joor asked in a whisper, "Are you seeing what I'm seeing?"

Saffron Mango whispered back, "Yeah, that pony is pretty strong, not to mention oblivious to what is going on with the filly."

Bon Joor whispered, "No no, not that. Her flank. It's blank."

Saffron Mango only now noticed as the other filly, known as Sandwisp, quickly pulled a tablecloth off of a table, and wrapped it around herself as a makeshift dress.

Just then the bullies approached her.

Classic Rose said in a haughty tone, "Well well well. Look who's here."

Tower Gray said mockingly, "Nice outfit."

"Just something I uh... pulled together last minute," said Sandwisp with the same southern drawl as the older pony from earlier.

Classic Rose said, "It really shows off your Cutie Mark. Oh wait. That's right. You don't have 1."

Bon Joor noticed what was happening right away and gasped.

"Saffron! They are picking on her because she doesn't have her Cutie Mark!"

Saffrons anger rose as she said, "Those no good rotten ponies."

She then stopped herself, saying, "But it looks like she's managing to handle it."

Indeed, Sandwisp was managing to convince them she had gotten her Cutie Mark earlier today.

Classic Rose asked, "Oh really? Let's see it."

After a moment's thought, Sandwisp said, "Ah shouldn't. Ah couldn't. My Cutie Mark is so unbelievably amazing. I'm afraid that if I showed it off, everyone would start paying attention to me instead of you. Out shined at your own cute cenyera? Can you imagine how embarrassing that would be?"

Classic Rose said, "Uh, forget it. I didn't really want to see it anyway."

Sandwisp said, "Okay! Well, I'm gonna go mingle. Enjoy your party!"

Saffron and Bon Joor looked at each other with mild surprise.

Saffron said, "She managed to pull it off. If she's lucky, she'll be able to get out of here pretty soon."

Just then, Sandwisp stepped onto the tablecloth she was wearing, and stumbled right into the record player, cutting off the party music.

This, of course, brought all eyes onto her.

Not only that, but her tablecloth had fallen away revealing her bare flank.

The bullies were quickly on her again, laughing.

Tower Gray sarcastically said, "Wow. That, ease, an amazing Cutie Mark."

Classic Rose said, "Nice try, blank flank!"

After a moment of laughter, almost everyone there was chanting, blank flank, towards Sandwisp.

Saffron Mango could not hold it in any more.

She knew she had to do something.

She had to stand up to this filly.

"You got a problem with blank flanks," she heard herself shout.

Bon Joor looked at Saffron in surprise, but realized she was feeling much the same. Something had to be done.

Once the attention was now on the table and the face peeking out from under the tablecloth, they both emerged fully from there hiding spot, and Saffron repeated, "I said, you got a problem with blank flanks?!"

Tower Gray replied, "The problem is, I mean, she's, like, totally not special."

Bon Joor came up to Sandwisp's side and said, "No, it means she's full of potential."

Saffron Mango came up to Sandwisp's other side and said, "It means she can be great at anything. The possibilities are, 'like, endless'," she said, mocking 1 of the bullies' voices.

Bon Joor suggested, "She could be a great scientist, or amazing artist, or a famous writer. She could even be mayor of Ponyville some day!"

Saffron said, "And she's not stuck being stuck-up like you 2."

This earned a giggle from every-pony.

"Hey," protested Classic Rose. "This is, my, party, why are you 2 on, her, side?"

"Because." Both Saffron Mango and Bon Joor raised there rumps to each other.

Sandwisp was not sure what was going on until she noticed what she was actually looking at, and she gasped.

"You don't have your Cutie Marks either?! Ah thought Ah was the only 1!"

Saffron said, "We thought we were the only 2."

A unicorn walked up to them and said, "I for 1 think you are 3, very lucky fillies."

Bon Joor immediately recognized her as the new librarian who had moved into the town library not too long ago.

She was also the 1 who ran off with her older sister and defeated an evil alicorn on her first night in Ponyville.

Classic Rose narrowed her eyes in disgust and asked, "Lucky? How can they be lucky?"

The unicorn librarian took a moment to give the bullies a look before answering, "They still get to experience the thrill of discovering who they are and what there meant to be."

The earth pony who shoved Sandwisp into the shop earlier came up and said, "And they've got all the time in the world to figure it out. Not just an afternoon," she added, looking sternly at Sandwisp with a smile.

The guests were in awe.

"Wow, Sandwisp."

"Do you really think you can be a mayor?"

"I wish I could be a scientist."

"Maybe I got my Cutie Mark too soon?"

1 by 1 the guests were now huddling around Sandwisp, Bon Joor, and Saffron Mango.

The guest of honor protested, "Hey, what's every-pony doing? This is, my, party, every-pony's supposed to be paying attention to, me!"

Her words were lost to the crowd's focus on the 3 blank flanks.

When the crowd began talking amongst themselves, the trio introduced themselves.

"Name's Saffron Mango."

"And I'm Bon Joor."


Once they got some space, and the party picked up again, the 3 of them went off to an unoccupied table to learn more about each other.

Sandwisp said, "So Ah was thinking. Now that we're friends..."

Sandwisp stopped herself, realizing what she had said.

"Ah mean, we are friends, right?"

She looked over to Saffron.

Saffron replied, "How could we not be? We're totally alike. We don't have Cutie Marks, those 2 drive us crazy."

She pointed a hoof at the 2 bullies who were halfway up the stairs and watching the party with sulking expressions on there faces.

Bon Joor squeaked, "Totally crazy!

They all laughed at the statement.

Sandwisp said, "Well now that we're friends, what if the 3 of us work together to find out who we are and what we're supposed to be?"

The other 2 looked at Sandwisp, 1 with concern, the other with surprise.

Bon Joor said, "Ooo! Ooo! We could form our own secret society."

Saffron said, "I'm liking this idea!"

And so they formed there little club to try to discover there talents together.

This meant Saffron got out of the empty house more often, especially on the weekends when she was alone at home for the whole day.