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Sketched to life - Bookpony579

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By the next day, everything was back to normal...or whatever was close to normal in Canterlot. Even Sunset, was feeling much better, her attitude was greatly improved and she didn't feel so angry all the time anymore. But there was one more surprise in store for her.

When Sunset arrived at the home after a Rainbooms rehearsal, she found Mrs. Honeyblossom waiting for her.

"Well if it isn't the woman of the hour!" She greeted Sunset with her usual smile. "You've got some visitors who'd like to talk to you!" She gestured to the sitting area, where Celestia and Luna sat, looking through a magazine and her phone respectively. When they heard Honeyblossom mention them, they looked up and smiled at Sunset.

"Hello Sunset!" Celestia greeted her warmly. "Do you mind if chat in private for a moment?"

"Uh..sure." Sunset was confused. She looked at Mrs. Honeyblossom for a hint but all the older woman did was wink and smile knowingly about something. Sunset led her Principals to her room, which thankfully felt more roomy without all her friends in it.

"So, what do you want to talk about?" Sunset asked. Celestia gestured for Sunset to sit next to her on the bed while Luna examined the room.

"You've certainly been doing good considering you've been by yourself all this time." Luna said, walking around.

"Thanks, I guess? Mrs. Honeyblossom lets me stay her for free as long as I help out around the place. And I've managed to get some odd jobs for some extra cash." Sunset said, looking between the two adults nervously.

"Sunset..." Celestia took a deep breath and decided to get to the point. "I want you to come and stay with Luna and me."

"What?" Was all Sunset managed to get out. She looked at Luna, at she just continued to examine the various knick-knacks Sunset had.

"I understand you've been doing fine up until this point. But now that I know, I can't in my good conscious allow you keep living like this." Sunset was about to argue when Celestia held up her hand and continued. "As your Principal I have a responsibility to look out for the well-being of all my students. Your still a minor, which means you need a legal adult guardian. We've already discussed it with Mrs.Honeyblossom and she whole-hearitly agreed to it." Celestia then spoke in a softer tone. "Besides, if you're not comfortable staying with us, we could find other arrangements."

Sunset thought about this. As much as she enjoyed the feeling of independence, she did admit it got a bit lonely what with Mrs. Honeyblossom having to deal with the other tenants and all. Having friends now did make things somewhat better, but sill. She though about all the times Celestia and Luna had taken care of her throughout her childhood when her own parents couldn't be bothered to. Birthdays, holidays, academic events. They had been more than just her and Twilight's tutors, it was like they were family.

"I guess I could give it a try, if you don't mind."Sunset said nervously. Celestia responded by pulling her into a hug, which Sunset gladly returned.

"Now that that's settled, we have some boxes in the car, so let's start packing." Luna said, already heading for the door.

Sunset was already looking forward to having a place she could call 'home' again.

Outside, a woman watch as they finished packing and drove off. She smiled, everything had gone just as she hoped it would. Her job here was done...for now at least. Just like before, she vanished into the blink of an eye.

Author's Note:

And this brings an end to another adventure! I might be taking a little break to come up with the next one, so be on the lookout!

Sorry, if the idea of Sunset living with Principal Celestia is a little cliche by this point, but I couldn't help it. I honestly love that idea! :scootangel:

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Hey there. Once more, I can't say much beyond job well done. Yeah, I loved the exchange, characterizations and wrap-up. And, yeah, I don't blame you one bit for liking the thought of Sunset living with Celestia and Luna. (and hey, maybe Luna and Sunset could end up adopting a possum named Tiberius [that would be a reference to the comics] and a gecko named Ray). Sorry about that. Got a little caught up in the thought.

At any rate, VERY good job on this story overall.

Luna already had Tiberius. He's her 'familiar' if you understand.

I'll try to find a way to include Ray later! (personally I thought it would be a black cat but oh well.)

Okay. I missed that. Thanks for pointing that out (sheepish grin)

Thi Story was so good I loved All the charaterisation and feels just want to say your a fantastic writer:pinkiehappy:

Thank you so much! :twilightblush:

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