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Sketched to life - Bookpony579

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Chapter 6

Sunset lead them to a large red brick building close to downtown Canterlot. The sign out front red "Honeyblossoms' Home for the Lost" and was decorated with said flowers. She lead them through the door into a fairly average foyer which held two couches facing each other with a coffee table in between and several comfy chairs. Behind the reception desk was a plump, middle aged woman with lavender hair and light pink skin going through what appeared to be a ledger. Upon hearing the door open, she looked up at the visitors and smiled brightly upon seeing Sunset.

"Well hello again Sunset! I see you've finally brought some friends over!" She said cheerfully.

"Hey. Guys this is Mrs. Honneyblossom, she owns and runs the place." Sunset turned back to the woman."Don't worry, we're only here to pick something up and we'll be out of your hair." She smiled at the lady.

"Oh don't worry about it. Take as long as you need!" Honeyblossom turned to the others. "It's nice to finally meet you all. Sunset hasn't stopped talking about you for weeks!" Sunset blushed at this and lead everyone up a set of stairs in the back. After climbing two floors and down a hallway, Sunset pulled out a key and opened a door, gesturing for everyone to follow her inside.

The room was by no means shabby but not luxurious in any sense. It was small, especially with everyone crowded inside, with bright yellow wallpaper with flowers on it. It had a single twin-sized bed with an orange comforter along with a single bedside table with a lamp, an alarm clock which looked like it had taken several tumbles to the wall, and a picture of Sunset and her friends. A dresser holding her clothes was pushed up against a wall. Another door near the front indicated a bathroom. Sunset had clearly worked hard to make this room hers: posters of the Rainbooms and other rock bands adorned the walls while books, a cactus and other assorted objects cluttered the dresser and shelf.

"Hang on, I think I put it here somewhere..."Sunset sorted through the dresser while everyone else examined the room.

"Sunset, you...live here?" Celestia asked.

"Yeah..."Sunset said, dreading where this line of logic was going.

"But..this is a boarding house!" Rarity exclaimed.

"So it is."

"So this is why you never invited me over when we were dating..." Flash said, looking around the room.

"What about your parents? Do they know about this?" Twilight asked concerned, taking a seat on the bed.

"Look, this isn't about me! Right now we need to focus on getting rid of those.." Sunset stopped when she found it. "Ah ha! Got it!" She pulled out the book, looking exactly the same as when the others first saw it. She handed it to Luna who started examining it.

"Yes..I can definitely sense strong magic coming from it." She then began looking through the pages, her eyes wide at what she saw. You certainly have an...active imagination." The others saw them and their eyes went wide at the thought of these creatures roaming the streets of Canterlot. Sunset felt ashamed, knowing she had indirectly put the whole city in danger.

"Well now what? Is there anyway to stop this?" Sunset asked desperately.

"Well, I'm not sure, but..." Before Luna could continue, Celestia's phone rang. She picked it up and as she listened to the chatter on the other side, her eyes went wide.


She listened some more before finally ending the call and turning to the others with worry.

"All of those monster have been spotted...at Canterlot High!"

The others stared at her in disbelief.

"One of the teachers just called me, he and a few others just saw them breaking into the school!"

"Well let's go!" Rainbow said, heading for the door until Sunset stopped her.

"But what about the book? We can't bring it to where all those monsters are! Who knows what'll happen?"

"She's right." Twilight said, taking charge. "Sunset, Celestia, Rarity and I will stay here and figure out what to do about the book. The rest of you will try to get the monsters under control before anyone gets hurt." She turned to Flash. "Flash..I can't ask you to do any more..."

"I'm going." He said determined.

"But your not even a mage! You could be seriously hurt!"

"Twilight, I can do this."

Twilight turned to the Principal's for an answer on this. Luna though for a moment before finally speaking.

"You can help us evacuate the teachers to safety, but leave the monsters to us, understand?" Flash nodded at this and Twilight could only nod in agreement. The others were soon on their way, leaving the small group behind to figure out how to fix this.

When they arrived at CHS, the front door and several windows were broken.

"Aright everyone, stay behind me." Luna said, leading everyone inside while being on the lookout. "I texted them, and they said they're in the teacher's lounge. Right now our primary focus is getting them to safety. Flash, you and Fluttershy can handle that, right?" Both students nodded. "Good, now if any of you see any monster, try to avoid it. If you can't, either try to incapacitate it or lead it far away from the others, understood?" The rest nodded at this.

They made their way down several hallways towards the teacher's lounge. Although they could hear growls and other noises, the monsters stayed out of sight. Finally they reached the teachers lounge and found a handful of teachers cowering in fear.

"Don't worry, we're here to get you out." Luna reassured them, which calmed them slightly. They had managed to just leave the room when something roared. They looked down the hall and saw the lizard thing looking at them and heading their way.

"Flash! Fluttershy! Hurry!" Luna commanded and got her own magic ready for battle. "Alright girls, let's go!" As Flash and Fluttershy led the terrified teachers away, Luna, AJ, Rainbow and Pinkie prepared to face the monsters that had also entered the hall.