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Oh? *Raise Eyebrow* Working on another one?

I've seen some episodes of "Zatch Bell", But unfortunately they weren't in the right order, so I didn't know how the story went and I haven't been able to see how it ended. It was on my favorite channel that aired late-night Anime shows before the program was taken down and was replaced by those other uninteresting shows.

Well, I wanted to try something New..
I've got Two Hero stories going.. So why not have a Villain One as well?

7979726 True.

Will this story crossover with your other two stories? If it does...Whose First?

i wonder if it will have more zatch bell characters in this displaced au?

Hoh? I didn't know I was allowed to do that.
If thats the case, then probably Majora will come first, since I've amped up Hazama so much in the other one.:pinkiehappy:

Of course! It will be a few chapters before any of the main cast get here, but I'm gonna try something cool :pinkiehappy:

7980479 I hope you add the jerk that ruined his book on purpose I bet there not nice but maybe not completely bad but could use a reality check and a reminder of golden rules.

If you don't wake up, I'll kill you.

The fuck is this

If you didn't move you would have lived for just a bit longer.

This was so edgy, I cut myself reading it.

If you think your strong enough then come, and try your luck.


At least it knows fear.


Ugly tag salad, unlikable "OC", cancerous plot, and awful dialogue.

Have another down-vote. You earned it.

Wow hamster so critical don't even give it till after the first chapter stupid

:pinkiehappy: Glad you liked it!

I can't find anarchy bell episode 1 ugh

If you can handle Sub instead of Dub, I recommend Gogoanime

And your reasoning behind that statement??

7982990 Write a decent story, without the edge and lazy writing.

Thats odd, your the only one who's said so. Everyone else likes my stories. What in particular do you hate about mine?

7984584 What I have just listed. Additionally, this is in a cringe group.

By the way, can I ask how my writing is lazy?
And he's Zeno he's supposed to be Edgy! Its his entire backstory, have you seen Zatch Bell?

7984883 1, no, 2, it's lazy because just saying he's ultra powerful is lazy, and 3, I doubt the show would make him that edgy.

Heh, do yourself a favor and look it up. Im dulling it down man.
Also, in the show and manga, hes a god damn powerhouse. And yet I let him get winded by Wedingo's of all things.. He's not OP, at least not for the Ponies. Other Mamodo on the other hand.. Thats another story.

7986230 Damn, at least give him a reason to be that edgy! Batman is edgy AF, but he's the best superhero! They got his edge right, unlike Shadow the Hedgehog. Ugh, Shadow the Hedgehog.

keep up the good work i like this story and look forward to the next update.

It's good to see an update. For a second, I thought you were beginning to feel discouraged for continuing this story due the Dislikes it's been getting and the negative criticism. Don't let it bother you, forget what others say and keep doing what you like.

What will happen next when Sombra figures out Zeno's deception when the Princesses arrive to Liberate the Empire?

What does Zeno want with these Four?

Oh, I had no intention of not updating this one. I find people who dont give a story a chance past the first chapter.. Well they shouldnt be reading much.
Anyway, I think you'll like what Im gonna do with this story. Honestly.. I really want to keep updating this one. But I dont want to ignore my other stories

Now that I understand that anime a bit better I guess he is the bad guy. I thought it would be the main hero and actually wanted to see all those funny moments.

Well maybe this is a good dark story again. It doesn't always has to be the main char only kilöing every living being. Slaves or something like that happens pretty rarely.

I read it tomorrow.

I kind of want him to be semi bad, to turn around in the end of the storie then there could be a sequel with him only bein some kind of semireformed antihero.

The Human part was a bit long since it is the usual start and not my favourite part.

Just curious, was he an asshole before he transformed already?

7986284 I agree with the first half of your comment.
I haven't seen the whole story yet, so I can't say anything about the OP stuff.

7981312 I think I had read somewhere that he was a psychopath before he got tramsformed already and so far I dislike that his new body is affecting his personality as well.

I agee with some of your reactions since I had the same, but from what I have seen you could have been nicer about it once or twice.

In a way that was really nice, but something was missing for me, either I waited for different reactions regarding Zenos possible romance with Crystal or maybe I just can't for it to continue.
I mean I felt like there should have been more in the end I guess that counts as a compliment.

It Seems that other "Mamodo" are capable of entering Equestria. Who's gonna appear next and who would not?

Where in the Timeline did Zeno appear In? [Before] When the princesses were gonna try and liberate the Empire Or [After] when the Empire returns from it's 1000 year disappearance?

A future I see but down a winding path.

Before, you know, about a thousand years :trixieshiftright:
I've got a few Mamodo that I'm going to make appear, but it won't be too crazy... Yet.
And I personally have a love/hate relationship with what I have planned for him. It'll be quite the turnabout

*Wince* Oooh...That will make things really complicated...

Well...You did say you wanted to do a “Villain-Displaced” story...

Im loving this story. I hope to read more.

I'm loving this, really curious over what's going to happen.

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