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i do the art and may or may not write things, fight me

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This is why i love it when artists write! They come up with wonderfull concepts and give it there all just like in a picture.

Beutifull work btw and i have to ask is horrizons cannon in this or just the main story?
AND ANOTHER THING! Pleeeese have him meet the steel rangers that would be so freking cool!

7906825 Thank you for the compliments!
As for your question, I don't plan to integrate anything involving any other sidefic. I find that it's better not to require the reader to have knowledge of something you don't directly provide them with, especially in regards to a fic as long and extensive as Project Horizons.

7907175 Thanks for the clarification i just like to make shure some times!

Adding cannon from side ficks can be interesting but i feel that a blank slate makes for a more creative story at times:twilightsmile:
Either way i would love too see more and rember a story is about enjoying what youre doing so take it easy ok?:ajsmug:

Well I reviewed this fic so... yeah, here you go, you really should update this:


got to say that i love this fic already.

Thanks for sticking with it!
Oh and dont be so hard on youre self this is a fan fiction not an essay! Please by all means take youre time. I know for a fact the finished product will only be better for it!:twilightsmile:

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