• Published 25th Jan 2017
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Trixie´s Tremendous Treasure - Verzeih Turncoat

The great and powerful Trixie has many secrets.The Great and Powerful Trixie loves two show off. The Great and Powerful Trixie always had to balance these two odds. For everything, but one tiny possession Trixie holds just for herself.

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Spike stared at Trixie holding this braid close as if it gave her strength. Did he really just heard that. "A Lulamoon. You? Your kidding right?" He could not believe it. He had heard this name dozens if not hundrets of time. Celestia´s High Secretary, Raven was a Lulamoon. She had invented the Phoenixclaw Paper. Four of the teachers at Celestia´s school for Gifted Unicorns were Lulamoons besides none of them was wearing the name, because none of the felt like they earned it.

"Stop mocking Trixie!"

Starlight asked out loud: "Who are the Lulamoons?"

Spike shaked his head as he answered her question. "Someponies only a real nerd like Twilight would know about. You are right to hide it from her, Trixie." The young dragon was trying to keep the image of Twilight fangasm around Trixie out of his head. Asking her questions over and over, over everything she always wanted to know. How had it have to feel like to have such ancestors? To be in a school were ponies were learning about them? And even worse going to school with Twilight... self proclaimed Starswirl fanatic!
Had Trixie always tried to prove her own worth? When she first showed up in Ponyville... did she tried to outshine Twilight on purpose?

Author's Note:

The middle part is completly stolen from an old game. I always hoped to find someone to animate it for me in the cheapest way possible because Odie has matched so well with my personal headcanon... what am I saying he IS my headcanon about Trixie.
This is my extended wish to see this animated as an MLP animation.

21:00 - 28:10

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Comments ( 2 )

I'm sorry to say, but this story falls flat. The ending was too vague and left too many things up in the air. I can't even like this story but I won't downvote it either.:facehoof:

7896055 Yes I know, it left to many things open. I just wanted to do a framework were I can rewrite that scene from SoulNomad for an MLP setting.

Durring work today I have come up with a few ideas to progress the story further but that would go into uncomfortable territory

As for your other comment... I haven´t reached my last proofreader in a while

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