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Looking for proof reader / Bad at writting in english.

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Not half bad, although I can't see Spitfire cheating somepony's test scores as that looks a bit like favortisim and I don't think somepony like Spitfire would do that. My only other main problem is that this fic seems a bit too short as well.

What is the name of the book the picture is from?

Wow, people find the ability to write a fic based on the flimsiest of premises. I liked it, so have an upvote. :)

I am trying to work through a writer's blockade. I am just glad I was able to put out anything half readable. I am a bit surprised noone called Fire Streak a Gary Stu to be honest.


I just didn┬┤t wanted to write/read another `SHITfire┬┤ so I turned her into something different. Glad you liked it.


I have no idea, I stumbled over the picture as I looked for pictures of Surprise.

7201079 Writer's block does suck doesn't it? Yeah, I've had this problem before and I find myself lucky I put out something at all.

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