• Published 25th Jan 2017
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Trixie´s Tremendous Treasure - Verzeih Turncoat

The great and powerful Trixie has many secrets.The Great and Powerful Trixie loves two show off. The Great and Powerful Trixie always had to balance these two odds. For everything, but one tiny possession Trixie holds just for herself.

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It was still early morning, if you count almost eleven o´clock morning, what Trixie decided to do! She gratefully allowed Twilight Sparkle to overshadow her caravan with that ugly castle of hers for the summer. The blue unicorn mare opened the wooden window facing away from the castle. Trixie had an whole list what she hated about this place.
Literally. It was in the cabinet on the right wall next to her bed. It began with "It belongs to Twilight" and ended with "Twilight lives here" and as well as twenty points in between. It also had a single point on the pro side. "Starlight lives here as well". Trixie had a similiar list about Twilight Sparkle herself. After what happend during the the Alicorn Amulett incidence it had been complicated to sort her feelings about that mare. She had safed her, but in the end was it also her who had drove Trixie towards it. As well as other things Twilight Sparkle had done to her, that the "Now Alicorn" does not even remembered. Of course that was on the list as well.

Of course it could be worth, thought Trixie to herself, Twilight could know what Trixie was hiding.

With this comfortable thought Trixie made her mane and put on her wednesday cloak. It was a purple cape with blue and yellow stars, certainly only a fool would mistake it for her monday cloak. This was one of the things Twilight could never have. An alumni cloak of Celestia´s School for gifted Unicorns. No, she to become an Alicorn for her graduation.
Pincess Celestia´s prize student. A Princess of Equestria. It bothered Trixie a bit, but Trixie smiled into her wardrobe. There were the two cloaks she swore to never put on again. A plain black cloak that she had worn as the Alicorn amulett brought out the worst in her. Trixie refused to believe that it controlled her in every action. To many of the things she had done she had at least fantasied about. Besting Twilight Sparkle in a duel. Punishing these two fans that had brought the Ursa Minor into town that has destroyed her old waggon. Isolating Ponyville so not a single word about her defeat could reach the world.
The second cloak was one of her usual cloaks but with white border around the neck. It was alternated by Diamond Dogs and Trixie had the strong idea that it was made from dog hair. This cloak belonged to her as she was going by the name of Her Highness, Lady of Royal Order, Queen Trixianna the First (MLP: Friends Forever #6).
In both of them she had bested Twilight, admittedly never on her own and both times she kinda had to be rescued and the whole Diamondia was just in title, but still.
It are the small things in life you have to value. Speaking of which.

With and confident smile on her lips Trixie left her home. Time to meet her best friend, raid Twilight´s kitchen and have dinner. What a great and powerful way to start the day.

Trixie sat stood in the hallway next to Spike the Dragon. Usually she would have tried to ignore him, but they both were watching Starlight and Twilight through the glass door. "Trixie thought Starlight was supposed to learn about Friendship."- Trixie wispered -"Why are they training their magic?"

"There aren´t to many unicorns that can go toe to toe with Twilight when it comes to magic. I guess Twilight just really enjoys to let off some steam." answered the small scally dragon.

Trixie snorted: "Maybe Trixie should get the Alicorn Amulett if Twilight Sparkle like her flank get beaten so badly."

"I don´t think that would be a good idea."

Trixie hung her head in a sigh: "Trixie misses being the highess level unicorn, but Trixie guesses you are right, High Secretary. Ugh why are you staring at Trixie like this?" Wondered the blue unicorn, catching his gaze through her mane.

Spike shaked his purple head to sort his mind: "Sorry, I haven´t heard this title since we moved to Ponyville..." Spike looked at her in a manner that made her uncomfortable. "You are not one of Twilight´s friends from Celestia´s School for Gifted Unicorns that she had forgotten about are you?"

"Trixie was never and will never be friends with Twilight Sparkle."

The spite in her voice was more than clear. "A shame after you helped to rescue her from Chrysalis." He kinda had hoped that Twilight and Trixie would have found some common ground by now. Spike has never thought highly of Trixie, but the longer Starlight had hung out with her he came to realize that Trixie had not the highest opinion of herself. Behind her showboasting she was not the mare she wanted others to see in her. The young dragon found her irritating and not in an intriguing way like Rarity, whom all love aside was even more cautious about herself-image. But there was an difference, even thought he could not name it. He just felt it. "Can you tell me why you hate Twilight so much?"

"Trixie could,"- the blue unicorn looked down on him -"but Trixie doesn´t trust you." She walked away from the door, leaving Spike alone.

After the training ended Spike stepped into the big hall. Many bookshelfs were lining up the wall, but the middle was a big open space. Perfect for magical training. Spike didn´t beat around the bushes: "Twilight, did you knew that Trixie had an alumni cloak form Celestia´s School For Gifted Unicorns?"

The purple alicorn discredited her number one assistent words: "Fake Ones. She uses them to draw attention to her shows."

"No, Twilight! I mean a real one." Spike catched an suspicious look from the princess. "I mean it!"

"Please Spike, don´t fall for it. What would Trixie due with an alumni cloak." answered Twilight, catching an equally harsh gaze from her student. "With all due respect, Starlight, your friend isn´t what ponies would classify as gifted."

Spike had already talked again before the pink unicorn could argue back: "Also she called me High Secretary." Twilight felt a shiver between her wings.

"But isn´t that your position?" asked Starlight Glimmer in surprise.

"Yes, but nopony calls me by it. I am Spike or Spike the Dragon if it gets really formal."- With a cocky smile he added -"Or Spike the Brave and Glorious when it comes to the crystal ponies."

Twilight laught it off: "Ha ha... . So she did her research... haha... no big deal."

Later, after Starlight had invited Trixie to dinner, Twilight and Spike had a little chat.

"Okay, what´s wrong." asked Spike Twilight in private.

"Huh, don´t tell it Starlight. But ever since she had planned her revenge against me, I´ve got theses nightmares of my enemies plotting against me. And then Chrysalis returned and kidnapped all of us. It makes me nervous to have Trixie know things like your offical title and rare magical artifacts like the Alicorn Amulett."

"Have you talked with Princess Luna about this. I mean nightmares are her domain."

"NO! How could I?" Twilight´s voice was panicy.

"So even Nightmare Moon... Twilight you´re a wreck."

"I am trying, Spike"- said Twilight with a sign of resignation in her voice -"I really am trying to give Trixie a chance. Why is it so much easier to forgive Starlight and Discord for their past actions? Just look at what they have done... And here I am the Princess of Friendship... not able to forget about Trixie´s past."

Trixie and Starlight were sitting in Trixie´s caravan. Talking to each other. Of course, eventually, they had to talk about what was told in the castle.

"Ugh of course Twilight Sparkle would say that. Trixie is above that, but this cloack here-" Trixie let her cape flow in an short burst of magic to amplify her words. "-proves her wrong. Trixie´s magical talent was recognized by the highess authority." Her blue hoof pointed up to the ceiling.

Starlight moved her hooves guilty over the wooden floor: "Yeah she would think that... hehe. Sorry, Trixie, but after Sunburst left for Celestia´s School for Gifted Unicorns. I thought about it as this place were the elite and most top notch ponies of all of Equestria came together."


"Well... you... doesn´t fit... in."

"*ahem* The cloack." Trixie did not believe it. Her friend was doubting her? She had never lied to her! The blue unicorn raged out at her friend. The door of her caravan opened in a pink aura of Trixie´s magic. "OUT! Trixie doesn´t need such distrust!" Starlight got pushed out the open door by the hurt showmare. "Trixie may wasn´t allowed in because of her skill, but Trixie did graduate!" With that she slammed the door shut.

"Trixie, wait..."

"A way to get into Celestia´s school for gifted unicorns that doesn´t involve talent?" Spike stared at Starlight Glimmer. The young dragon was preparing Twilight´s study room. Enough candles to last all night and even some to to spare. Six Griffon Feathers with three inkwells and a whole bunch of sheets of phoenixclaw paper made from Philomena, Princess Celestia´s personal pet phoenix.

"Well... Yes. That what she said." said Starlight a little unsure thinking about it. "You have to know about such a thing, right."

"I am afraid she lied to you"- said Twilight. Having a strange satisfied smile on her face. -"No pony could ever get into that school if they were not cut out for it." Spike brought her a huge stack of books. "Thanks Spike. That would be all. I really have to work through this. How about you two make yourself a nice day."

So Spike and Starlight leave the study room, but as soon as Spike closed the door behind them he waved the unicorn to come with him. They moved into the room right across the hallway, were he closed the door carefully. "I only know of one unicorn that enrolled in Celestia´s School For Gifted Unicorns without entrance exam. Her name is Lyra Heartstrings. She is most important mare of Canterlot if you don´t count the Princesses. Sole heir of the Harps Family. They Literally OWN half of Canterlot. That´s all I know. If Trixie was given the same treatment it has to have to do with her family."

"Why didn´t youtold that in front of Twilight?"

Spike looked into the direction were Twilight was. "Reasons."

Spike and Starlight watched a shocked blue unicorn trying to press herself through the wooden wall of her caravan as they confronted her together. "Trixie calm down we just want to know about your family."

"Never!" screamed Trixie anxious.

Spike lifted a scroll in his claw: "If you don´t tell me. I will ask the schoolboard to give me the information. But I rather have them from the horse itself."

"That´s normal paper"- said Trixie flip flopping between scared and brash -"you can´t send a note with them."

"Wow, keen eye" exclaimed Spike, slightly impressed by trixie´s knowledge. Usually ponies just assume he could send any papers were ever he wants, but it made him even more eager to find out about her. Twilight was right Trixie does know just a little to much for his liking. "I can senda note at anytime and when I do..."

"You are not going to tell Twilight, will you?!"

Spike and Starlight were looking at each other before Starlight asked with deep concern for her friend: "Why would you care about that?"

"Because Trixie rather dies before getting mocked by her." Trixie pulled a cut off braid under her pillow and pressed it against her heart in her magic grip. Tears form in her eyes.

"If it doesn´t harm her, I am okay with it." answered Spike.

"Trixie"- she paused for a long time, catching more than just one breath to find the courage to reveal it to Starlight, to Spike and remind herself. -"is a Lulamoon."

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