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Good please continue:moustache:


Alright. Any prompt you'd like to see? If you don't have one yourself, give me two dog names, your favorite color, and the place the Royal Plumber will be found in during Luna's afternoon misadventures.

Hmmmmm spots Murphy white and water closet

Wow this is gold i really need more of this. Also for some reason as i read i felt that luna had a Scottish accent that made it even more hilarious :rainbowlaugh:


THY WILL BE DONE. It, could, uh, take a few days. Sorry. Finals week.

Looking forward to it and if it is anything like this one.THERE.WILL.BE.LOLing:moustache:

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Yup Please Do!

Can you please remove the complete tag please :scootangel:

Loved it.

Loved it, need MOAR!

Quite good, I must admit my desire to read quite a bit more of it like say maybe ten or fifteen more chapters or a slew of related stories? I can understand if you do not wish to continue, but I and many others would rather appreciate it, also I'm in college myself so I can completely understand how annoying finals week can be, it's the week before finals for me but I've got two of them this week anyway and another two next week

45699 Hey, not sure I can do ten or fifteen more stories, but I'll try to do some more! Finals is teh wuesrt, ain't they?

To quote a late 1800's steel conglomerate tycoon, "BRILLIANT"!

45728 yeah they are, but at least they mean that we get to have a few weeks off from school

This is hilarious! Just wondering... is this still incomplete? Because I don't mind if it's already completed.

48048 There are currently two more planned chapters - one that takes place during lunchtime and one that takes place during dinner, which will give the fic a "day" length. Also, a midnight-snack based epiloge.

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Oh yes please more Royal Court scenes!

i never could understand the adoration this fandom has for luna. until now!!! theres so much awesome luna quotes in here. i shall follow this until the very ends of the earth! i mean, ends of the story. :twilightblush:
i shall present you with stars! :moustache:

This is brilliant. :rainbowlaugh:
On a side note and a bit off: No Luna emote? HERESY!!

Now this one is right on the mark.
I can't have been the only one to have been taken off guard by Luna's personality--- they took away Little Luna and brought back Brian Blessed in a horse suit.

“ See, yer highness.” spoke the largest of the gryphons, a large old bird with grey feathers and a white eye. He stepped forwards, his claws clacking on the marble floor. “ Since your rather infamous decree we’re having some money problems. The hens don’t want to start a nest without a little cash to line it - bits for food, and ribbons, and warming lights for the eggs. So they screeched at us to get jobs - fine, we go get jobs. But ponies have the bits and they don’t like their jobs being took. We work as applepickers - ponies say we’re putting the seasonal buckers out of work. We work as cooks, ponies complain that their vegetarians - like a little meat would hurt ‘em. Finally, this gig opens up catching cumulus - ooh, but the dolts who quit that job don’t want us to have it.”

“ I judge thy actions fair. EXECUTE THE REBELS!”

That portion is quite simply one of the greatest moments in FiM Fanfiction EVER. No exceptions. Great work.

Luna payed a little attention, but said nothing.
should be paid


It is now an official quote for Luna. Just watch, it's gonna be a thing :pinkiecrazy:


*fell out of my computer chair, busted my skull on my bedside table. Thrice, because I couldn't stop belly-laughing. Had to stop to wipe up blood off of bedside table, floor, bed, and myself. Comedy GENIUS*

Very cute! I loved seeing this more playful side of Luna, especially with all the candy. :twilightsmile:

“ Hold, sister.” said Luna, milk dribbling down her chin as she spoke. Celestia levitated her a napkin, which her sister took and used roughly. “ I thank you for what you art saying, but you boast. Should ponies do so much during the night, they would be tired for even easy work during the day.”

“ Which explains the popularity of coffee.” said Celestia under her breath

Drinking grape-juice as reading this.
REads Tia's line.
Does self heimlic.

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