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A large carnival was held in one of the regions of new Hoofshire, a small rural, yet beautiful town located in the outskirts of Eobôr, or the Equestrian Empire. Calling the carnival a local and small party was a bit of an understatement. Massive games such as racing and archery were held in the Town's arena and there's even the traditional duel, where a pony must defeat it's opponent to claim a mystery prize. However a special game was held in this carnival this year, a game to test one's strength and worthy. A test to see who can lift the legendary 'Excalibur' from it's rock pedestal.

A story heavily inspired by the King Arthur mythos, with a pinch of Lord of the Rings thrown into there as well.

Chapters would be updated irregularly, depending on my schedule and available free-time (which is essentially none)

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This is a well detailed map of equestria

Nice map! Where did you find it?

7662782 The map is made by djekspek! You can check his deviant art right here

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