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A large carnival was held in one of the regions of new Hoofshire, a small rural, yet beautiful town located in the outskirts of Eobôr, or the Equestrian Empire. Calling the carnival a local and small party was a bit of an understatement. Massive games such as racing and archery were held in the Town's arena and there's even the traditional duel, where a pony must defeat it's opponent to claim a mystery prize. However a special game was held in this carnival this year, a game to test one's strength and worthy. A test to see who can lift the legendary 'Excalibur' from it's rock pedestal.

A story heavily inspired by the King Arthur mythos, with a pinch of Lord of the Rings thrown into there as well.

Chapters would be updated irregularly, depending on my schedule and available free-time (which is essentially none)

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The greatest smith of the second age of Middle Earth; Celembrimbor, has come to heed the call of another fallen hero -- Although this one is albeit different than the others. Because she's a pony -- a Noble Pony that goes by the name of Twilight Sparkle.

Now he's stuck in this strange new world called Equestria, and Twilight must find the pony who killed her, while learning her new companion's past

This is going to be fun

Heads up and Disclaimers: I don't own Celembrimbor or any characters from both MLP and Lord of the Rings. Both properties belongs to their respected owners.

Another Disclaimer: OOC Twilight Sparkle and Celembrimbor, because PLOT! Gore, like, lot's of them. Some sex jokes and references, because I can't stop my perverted mind to spill messed up stuff all over the place.

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Starlight Glimmer had been forgiven for her actions and now resides in Ponyville, Equestria with Twilight. One day, she was trotting around the Library, and find a particular book in the relentlessly dark corner of the library that catches, and holds, her attention—“Forerunners.”

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