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Princess Luna's sister and son urge her to take a night off, or at least get some sleep, and her son attends The Grand Galloping Gala in her stead.
Someone's gotta represent the Lunar family.
He just has a few problems. As he reminisces about the things he can't get back, and the things he never even knew, he comes to recall the mixed life he's led thus far, and imagine the life he'll lead in the future.

Rated Teen because Nightsong still remembers being turned into a changeling quite vividly, and also thinks about how he and his adopted sister once... They were under both a love and a lust spell at the time.

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So where can I find the previous story?

I wrote it, but it really sucked. I still need to rewrite it, which I'll do if my readers want it.

Heh, yeah he certainly has had an... Eventful existence, huh?
Keep going! ;)

This is a Twilight's Review review.

Interesting story. There were a few grammar mistakes, but that's okay since I didn't spot many and you could always improve. I liked how you focused on the main character's feelings and internal conflict and flaws, it made the story seem deep and mature. I also liked how you described things to give the reader a visual of the things going on in the story. The story didn't seem rushed up and it was extended to a good length. Although a suggestion could be to add little more events to the story. I've read countless stories about emotions and internal conflict, but most of them don't have any action in which could bore the reader. Good job, though.

Before I read this, what is the Gore tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

8192550 Allusions to previous traumatic events. It's not too detailed, as the story really has a more emotional focus than it does to any particular event.

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