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This story is a sequel to The Roses of Success


Why would such a valuable thing as a name be granted unto a common changeling such as this one, a soldier that failed its superior? Why would the last living drone gift it with such a powerful privilege, something that so many forgotten infiltrators died for?

It doesn't know, and perhaps it never will know. It can only contemplate this in its own mind, and sometimes pester its caretaker with these thoughts.

And what of the witchdoctor herself, with her silver tongue and her many words of wisdom? What does she really want from the soldier so much that she is willing to keep it around?

Be warned: there are cuddles and hugs contained within. I just wanted to write some fluff. Rating might change.

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Prince (Nightsong) Cantus Nocturnus accepts an invitation from Righteous Rhetoric, host of The Later Show, to appear as a guest star just one month before poles open to conclude the craziest election of all time.

What could possibly have compelled him to do this?

Short answer: his mother.

Rated Teen because this story is heavy on Equestrian political humor, and the comments section might have a few... unsavory comments about my political orientation.

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Princess Luna's sister and son urge her to take a night off, or at least get some sleep, and her son attends The Grand Galloping Gala in her stead.
Someone's gotta represent the Lunar family.
He just has a few problems. As he reminisces about the things he can't get back, and the things he never even knew, he comes to recall the mixed life he's led thus far, and imagine the life he'll lead in the future.

Rated Teen because Nightsong still remembers being turned into a changeling quite vividly, and also thinks about how he and his adopted sister once... They were under both a love and a lust spell at the time.

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This story is a sequel to The Roses of Success

Nopony really understands how changelings work, how they communicate, or what they even do.
Well, I have an associate who understands a lot more about changelings than all of modern science has ever scrounged together.
I am Twilight Sparkle, and this is all of what he has taught me.

Cover art by the amazing FriendlyTwo3.

Rated Teen for descriptions of changeling courtship, culture, and biology, including a vague description of the reproductive system, and a few crude jokes.

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While investigating the details of a suspected murder, Princess Celestia summons to her court a very unusual lead, who only agrees to see her because he suspects that she knows more about his past than he does.

Radiant Blade didn't have a job, friends, or much of a family. His life had been one cycle after another of addiction and withdrawal, perpetuated by gang members beating him to a pulp once a month.

They begin with the story of one night, and, memory by memory, come to understand exactly how the events of Daggertail's death played out, along with the origins of Radiant Blade.

He went out one night to down some cider and avoid his parents, and almost believed that he was dreaming when he ran into his high school marefriend.

This is a fanfiction of a fanfiction, dedicated to the author who first inspired me to write fanfiction; Anonymous Pegasus, whom I'd like to thank for giving me his blessing for this project. I'll do my very best to do his work justice.

This takes place within the universe of his An Affliction of the Heart series, which you should read if you haven't already.

Rated Teen for some sex jokes, underage drinking, addiction to and use of illegal drugs, depression, mild cursing, and moderately graphic vampirism directed at small animals.

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This story is a sequel to How Love Works

Now that Queen Chrysalis is dead, the monarchy restored, and our royal couple both alive —because desert god is OP— New Hiveland will continue its forever peaceful existence until the end of time.
But when an old comrade resurfaces, after leaving the armed forces a few years back, and then running away from her home while her mother was training our beloved guard, she brings a few "friends", and peace is rapidly pushed to the back of everypony's mind.
How will our intrepid —so, not me— heroes respond to this threat?

Rated teen for crude humor, legal technicalities, and moderate cursing.

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This story is a sequel to Let's Try This Again

Now that Fangheart has been tried, convicted, and sentenced, he's immune to any similar charges. Since his last trial was barely —if at all— fair, Twilight is looking to investigate Celestia's treatment of changelings and other emotivores.
Now that he's out of trouble for now, Fangheart wants full Equestrian citizenship and legal rights granted to himself, if not all changelings. And they may need it soon, as a plight is spreading through the hive, and changelings begin fleeing north to escape it.
But nothing is ever so simple. Fangheart gets... distracted, shall we say.

Rated Teen for kissing, changeling courtship rituals and (a) feast(s), crude humor, and zombie ant changeling fungi.

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Arcus Octavius Nocturnus has a pretty good life. He's been elected consul of the most technologically advanced empire in the world. Things are calm. No wars are in sight.
The Crystal Empire to the north has been more than cooperative. Everyone's on good terms with Yak-Yakistan. The Changeling Empire to the south has been keeping to itself. The Griffon Kingdom across the sea has become their largest trading partner.
And, on top of it all, his loving wife has some good news for him. But not all is as good as it seems.

Rated teen for seduction by a changeling masquerading as its target's spouse —so... adultery?
Sorry for the terrible cover art. I am still looking for an artist if anyone wants to help me make it better.

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I, like many writers, don't spend one hundred percent of my time writing grand epics or fabulous tales. Sometimes I have to write smaller things, for the purpose of preserving a story idea for later or just as a way to sharpen my thinky bits.
A few of these will never be built upon, and that's okay. These are not all meant to become great things. Many of these will simply be forgotten altogether, and, while that hurts a bit, it's not a tragedy. Better for them to be remembered in spirit by a few rather than forgotten by me.
Many of these won't fit your definition of prose, and some may stretch your definition of poetry.

Explaination of the title:
If you do some background research on the changeling myths, you'll find that they were used to justify infinanticide against mentally difficient children. One of the disorders linked to the myth was phenylketonuria, which I have, and will have for the entirety of my life.
Thankfully, I am leading a normal (enough) life, and am proud to call myself my school's resident changeling. The way I see it, after mistreating my ancestors, and then teasing me for following my required diet, humanity owes me the rights to identify with whatever the changeling legend becomes.

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After Prince Nightsong and Princess Sweet Tooth first met, struggled, and married. After the heroes you've learned of have put their powers away, and returned to their peaceful lives. After Queen Chrysalis has been captured, locked up, and sentenced to live under her daughter's castle. After all of that, a new generation of heroes has come into its own.
Follow me, Toothless, the nervous heir to Nightsong and Sweet Tooth. After they disappear, I am forced to take up the crown, juggling my three hundred and nineteen sisters, along with the remnants of Chrysalis's kingdom, all while a beautiful pegasus flips my world on its head, leaving me to figure what just happened.

A love story to my dearest. Thank you for everything you've done.

Rated teen for light kissing, snuggling, and eventual sexual humor.

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