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After Prince Nightsong and Princess Sweet Tooth first met, struggled, and married. After the heroes you've learned of have put their powers away, and returned to their peaceful lives. After Queen Chrysalis has been captured, locked up, and sentenced to live under her daughter's castle. After all of that, a new generation of heroes has come into its own.
Follow me, Toothless, the nervous heir to Nightsong and Sweet Tooth. After they disappear, I am forced to take up the crown, juggling my three hundred and nineteen sisters, along with the remnants of Chrysalis's kingdom, all while a beautiful pegasus flips my world on its head, leaving me to figure what just happened.

A love story to my dearest. Thank you for everything you've done.

Rated teen for light kissing, snuggling, and eventual sexual humor.

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Rated teen for light kissing and snuggling.

...Than why does this story have a sex tag?

Yikes don't mess with toothless, he can use his own rage as a weapon :pinkiegasp: hehe enjoying it sofar.

First, I guess this is how you describe a boss fight in a book, I am used only to seeing those type of final fights ( see as in on a screen ) so lets just say it was quit " difficult " for me to follow, but after the 3th run I realized how well you've shaped it around. gj as in GREAT job
Second, The " I " thing made me practically double read on every 3th sentence in this chapter. XD

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